Two-Tone Engagement Rings

Staying true to our roots, each MiaDonna Two-Tone Engagement Ring is a tribute to the iconic streets and neighborhoods that make our hometown of Portland, Oregon so incredible. From the Pearl District's trendy downtown glamour through to the pioneering spirit of Morrison and Lovejoy – every ring has it’s own story to tell.

The MiaDonna Two Tone Engagement Rings Collection is on-trend with one-of-a-kind styles that look just as perfect dressed up with a sophisticated outfit as they do with your favorite T-shirt and jeans. Mix rose with white gold, or maybe yellow with white gold to create that unique look. And if metal type isn't enough of a style differentiator, customize your engagement ring with a colored lab-created diamond or lab-created gemstone.

Set with your choice of Lab-Created Diamond, Diamond Hybrid® or Lab-Created Gemstone, each two-tone engagement ring will be handcrafted in the USA with your choice of two-tone or single tone eco-friendly metal(s).

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Two-Tone Engagement Rings