Heart Shape Blue Sapphire Gemstone

This beautiful Heart shape Blue Sapphire Gemstone is a beautiful blue in color. All of our Blue Sapphire gemstones vary in colors from the Ceylon Blue Sapphire to the beautiful Blue Kashmir Sapphire. Our entire line of Blue Sapphire gemstones are grown gems and are identical both physically, optically and chemically to their mined equivalent. Every Blue Sapphire Gemstone offered by MiaDonna® is "Gem Grade", meaning we only sell the absolute finest cut grade produced. Our genuine lab created Blue Sapphires are $358 per carat.

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Heart Shape Carat Weight
Price: $232.00
Customized Price: $232.00
SKU: HeartBlueSapphire
  • 0.65 ct. Blue Sapphire Gem, Heart Shape (5x5mm)

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