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Where do you ship to?

What are your shipping services and rates?

How long will it take to get my order?

Will I need to be present to sign for my package?

This purchase is a surprise, can I ship it to a different address other than my billing address?

Will I get tracking information when my order is shipped?


Declined order troubleshooting?

What payment types do you accept?

Is it safe to order online at

Do you have payment plans?

When will my credit card be charged?

Is there a sales tax?

Are there any extra fees?


What is the Return Policy?

How do I make a return?

I feel like I should be spending more on my engagement ring, am I spending enough?

I just realized I made a mistake on my order, what do I do?

What packaging will my MiaDonna diamond alternative jewelry come in?



What are people saying about MiaDonna®?

What is a MiaDonna® Diamond Hybrid®?

How is the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® made?

What other products or companies use this diamond coating technology?

Will the outer layer of infused man made diamond ever disconnect from the seed (Core)?

What is the quality of the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®?

If a diamonds Cut is so important, why aren't all natural diamonds cut to superior standards?

Will the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® test positive on a traditional jeweler’s diamond tester?

What available Sizes and Shapes does the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® come in?

What will my loved one think of when receiving a piece of jewelry from MiaDonna®?

Are there any third party tests or reports on the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®?

How do I take proper care of my MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®?

How is a MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® different than an earth mined diamond?

Does the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® look realistic or natural like an earth mined diamond?

Why do you call it a diamond alternative?

What is the difference between the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® and other diamond alternatives like CZ (Cubic Zirconium) and Moissanite?

Can I get a colored MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®?

Man Made

How is a Miadonna® Man Made Diamond created?

Are MiaDonna® Man Made Diamonds real diamonds?

Will MiaDonna® Man Made Diamonds test positive on a diamond tester?

What is the difference between a Miadonna® Man Made Diamond and the Miadonna Diamond Hybrid®?

What colors of Man Made Diamonds are available?

How do Man Made Diamonds compare in price to earth mined diamonds?

How do you know if it is a Man Made Diamond?

Lab Created Gemstones

Are MiaDonna® lab created gemstones real or imitation?

Can I tell the difference between lab created gemstones and mined gemstones?

Why do MiaDonna® lab created gemstones often look better than their mined counterparts?

Are there cost savings with MiaDonna® lab created gemstones?

Do MiaDonna® lab created gems and natural gems have the same properties?

Are MiaDonna® lab created gemstones "synthetic"?

Does MiaDonna® offer a warranty on gemstones?

Can I buy a lab created gemstone, like a Ruby or Sapphire, instead of a MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® to be set in my ring?


Can I customize a setting or create a custom setting from scratch?

Where are your settings made?

What are the settings like at MiaDonna®?

What precious metals are available?

Are the settings solid metals?

I have a picture of a ring I really like. Do you make custom jewelry?


What are Diamond Grading reports?

Will the Diamond Grading reports show a value that I can use for insurance purposes?

What is the Diamond Hybrid® Certified Authentication Card?

Side Stones

What are my side stone options?