Holiday Season Delivery Deadlines (USA Orders)

Deliver By Date Custom Orders Standard Orders Ready to Ship Orders
Thanksgiving Delivery (Nov 24th 2016) Monday Nov 7th, 12-noon PST Monday Nov 14th, 12-noon PST Monday Nov 21st, 10am PST
Christmas Delivery (Dec 23rd 2016) Monday Dec 5th, 12-noon PST Thursday Dec 14th, 12-noon PST Thursday Dec 22nd, 10am PST
NYE Delivery (Dec 31st 2016) Thursday Dec 8th, 12-noon PST Tuesday Dec 20th, 12-noon PST Thursday Dec 29th, 10am PST

The dates provided above are a guideline only and may alter based on the your order. Please note ring sizing has not been accounted for within the Ready to Ship deadlines. If sizing is required, please refer to the Standard deadlines.