Man Made Diamonds

Man Made Diamonds also known as Synthetic Diamonds or Cultured Diamonds are real diamonds that are both optically, physically and chemically identical to a natural diamond. These diamonds are grown in a lab environment that simulates the earths natural growing process. Synthetic man made diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds and are solid, real man made diamond. MiaDonna's line of man made diamonds will absolutely test positive on any jewelers diamond tester.

Colored Man Made Diamonds

Colored man made diamonds are lab-grown diamonds that possess the same sparkle, brilliance, fire and hardness as earth-mined diamonds. Each diamond is carefully and individually cultivated into some of the most rare and desirable colors.

What makes our fancy colored man made diamonds so unique is that each diamond is grown individually depending on the desired size and color. These diamonds are not mass produced and are grown one at a time. By applying the appropriate pressure and temperature for common carbon to rearrange its atoms, carbon will change its phase and re-form into a diamond crystal. The result is a superb rough diamond crystal that can be cut and faceted like a mined diamond.

If you are looking for a fancy colored man made diamond in a particular shape or size, please contact us in order to process your request.

Colorless Man Made Diamonds

We make it our priority to stay at the forefront of this technology and look forward to future advances in this science. Please take a look at out selection of Engagement Rings that you can set any of our Man Made Diamonds in OR click here to purchase on of our gorgeous Man Made Diamonds loose.


Simulated Diamond Hybrid®

Man Made Diamonds

Mined Diamonds

Guaranteed Conflict Free Always Always NEVER
Hardness Mohs Overall Hardness 9.1 / Outer layer 9.6 10 10
Percentage of SP3 Carbon Diamond Bonds 85% in infused outer layer 100% Solid 100% Solid
Internal Crystal Structure Face-Centered-Cubic / Singly Refractive Face-Centered-Cubic / Singly Refractive Face-Centered-Cubic / Singly Refractive
Hardness Comparable Same as Ruby, Sapphire Same as Mined Diamond n/a
Cuts Glass Yes Yes Yes
Clarity IF to VS2 VS to IS Varies - Nearly always has a birthmark
Index of Refraction Analysis shows excellent averaging 2.24 2.42 2.42
Color Colorless -
D to F Grades most common
H to J Grades Various Grades, I Tinges of Yellow/Brown most common
Cut Ideal to Very Good, Cut by Hand Ideal to Very Good, Cut Varies on Cost
Final Polish By Diamond Powder By Diamond Powder By Diamond Powder
Availability Available Supply Very Limited Supply, Sizes and Shapes Supply Controlled
Price $ $$$$ $$$$$