National Press Release: Ali Unveils Diamond & Charity Drive

Muhammad Ali’s Daughter & America’s Queen of Eco-Diamonds

Unveil Scientific Breakthrough: Largest Grown-in-the-USA-Laboratory-Diamond

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PORTLAND, OR – At a time when millions of Americans get engaged, Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, and MiaDonna & Company jewelry CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, launched a campaign to save blood diamond war orphans during a news conference announcing a scientific breakthrough highlighted by the unveiling of the Largest Laboratory-Grown-in-the-USA Diamond.

The 6.28 carat MiaDonna largest laboratory-grown diamond is chemically, optically and physically identical to an earth-mined diamond, according to the Federal Trade Commission. MiaDonna lab diamonds cost 30 to 40 percent less than earth-mined diamonds. The Largest Laboratory–Grown-in-the-USA Diamond is a J-Color, VS2-Clarity, Cushion Cut stone priced at $52,000. An equivalent earth-mined diamond costs more than $100,000,” according to Anderson.

Technological Weapon to End Eco-Disaster & Blood Diamond Trade

At the unveiling Anderson explained how scientists can now replicate the earth’s process of crystalizing carbon into a sizeable carat diamond within 6 to 12 weeks. The “World’s Greatest’s” daughter emphasized, “Technology now makes mining for diamonds unnecessary and is another reason to turn-up the volume on global outcry over the continued blood diamond trade.”

Fight Worth Fighting

Ali vowed, “We are going shut-off the valve that spews blood diamonds into the market through consumer awareness.” She warns, “An Ali likes nothing better than a good fight and this is one worth fighting. We are fighting to save people’s lives, especially the thousands of children orphaned and abandoned due to diamond conflicts in Africa.”

Diamond Shopping Season

The news event coincides with the time of year when 25 percent of American proposals occur; when holiday shoppers may suffer sticker shock because rough diamond prices are up 75%, since 2009; when there are growing concerns about the environmental impact of mining; and when the stream of blood diamonds still flows into the market.

Conflict Diamond Trade Still Exists

“In many African countries, men, women and children are tortured, beaten, raped and enslaved to mine for diamonds,” says Anderson, who is also founder of The Greener Diamond Foundation. “The problem is most consumers don’t know or don’t care about the origins of the diamonds they are purchasing, unlike a MiaDonna lab-grown diamond that is truly eco-friendly, conflict-free and traceable. Consumer complacency is a major obstacle in the ongoing blood diamond business.”

Rumble in the Jungle of Blood Diamonds

“One place we know blood diamonds are coming from is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which, 42 years ago, was known as Zaire,” says Ali, the Greener Diamond Foundation’s Humanitarian Ambassador. “It is where my father regained his heavyweight title at the famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ boxing event. My father went to Zaire to spotlight the country and its people. Now I want to shine the light on the country’s atrocities. It is one of the biggest reservoirs of blood diamonds connected to the mainstream pipeline that leads to jewelry stores.”

Greener Diamond Foundation Five Percent Sales Donations

At a “Giving Tuesday” morning news conference in Tigard, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Ali and Anderson emphasized that five percent of the sales of MiaDonna diamonds, year around, will be donated to the company’s Greener Diamond Foundation, which was established in 2007. It funds educational, mentoring and agricultural programs aimed at preventing blood diamond orphans from a living a life of poverty, according to Anderson.

Both Anderson and Ali have led relief missions to Africa. Ali has spent time in The Congo. Anderson has established programs in Sierra Leone and Liberia diamond mining communities.

First Endorsement Since Ali Passing

Since her father’s death, earlier this year, Ali says she has been approached by numerous organizations seeking her endorsement and participation. “I have declined all of these requests, with the exception of The Greener Diamond Foundation, because I have been a MiaDonna client for two years.”

Ali’s Diamond Allergy

She continues, “I have been allergic to earth diamonds ever since I witnessed the effects of diamond mining and blood diamond conflicts. I only wear MiaDonna laboratory-grown diamonds because they symbolize my eco-consciousness and my awareness of human rights violations that continue to plague the diamond industry. I also wear them because they are alluring and scintillating.”

Cost Comparisons

The difference between a lab-grown diamond and an earth-mined diamond is indistinguishable, even under a microscope, according to the Gemological Institute of America.

A popular one carat earth-mined diamond costs more than $5,000. A MiaDonna lab-grown one carat diamond costs $3,600, according to Anderson.

U.S.A. Labs

MiaDonna Lab Diamonds are Custom Grown to the company’s specifications at laboratories in Beltsville, Maryland that meet and exceed all U.S.EPA and OSHA standards.

Canadian Cutters

Some MiaDonna lab-grown diamonds are cut and polished by master cutters at Embee Diamonds of Prince Albert, SK, Canada.