New Models

Whether a new model is needed, from a matching wedding band to custom made engagement ring or using an existing style but with different diamond specifications, our highly trained staff will be able to produce just what you seek.

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At MiaDonna® we are full service jewelers and we do re-sizing in house.

If you would like to send your ring in for sizing, please contact us and we can set it up for you. It is very important that you know the exact ring size you would like it to be re-sized to as sizing up or down more than half a size may compromise the integrity of the ring design. Should you need sizing that is more than half a size up or down, then we may need to evaluate your mounting first.


  • Resizing within your 30-day trial is $25.00 plus return shipping.
  • Resizing another time is $35.00 (14K/18K Gold) or $45.00 (Palladium/Platinum) plus return shipping.
  • Resizing an engraved ring will require us to re-engrave your message. You will need to re-purchase engraving, should you want to keep your message.


Once payment is received (either via phone or emailed custom payment link) we will email you a PDF form with an authorization number as well as the shipping/packing instructions. When we receive your ring it will only take us a few days to resize and then we will ship back to you via UPS 2-day air, so the whole process with return shipping is approximately 5 business days.


If you like one of our designs but need a special finger size, or perhaps your center stone is of a different size, or maybe you want a bi-metal (two tone) design; we offer wax adjustment capabilities. When you order an adjusted style from MiaDonna we never do adjustments in the metal. Because we start from the wax, all adjustments are made prior to casting and your custom piece of fine jewelry is manufactured to your specifications.

Wax Adjustments

Best of all, most wax adjustments do not increase our standard turn around times.

Wax Adjustment Request

1) When placing an order for one of our items, and you wish to have us make some adjustments in the wax (other than finger size) you must speak directly to a customer service representative who will be able to assist you.

2) Please be sure to provide your exact needs for the wax adjustment and get a confirmation from our customer service representative that we understand your request and that it can be accommodated.

3) In some instances a wax adjustment cannot be done and a new model may be required.


Two Tone Rings

Most of our rings are offered in Two-Tone including 14kt and 18kt: white, yellow and pink gold; platinum and palladium combinations. Please contact us to get a quote.

Color Stones

Countless possibilities...Please contact us if you would like to modify one of our rings with a lab-created color stone.

Set Your Stone or Ours...

Have stones you would like to use? We are here to help you! To follow our mission to reduce mining and be cost effective to the consumer we will recycle your stones, when you purchase a setting through MiaDonna. OR... If you already have a setting we would be happy to set one of our stones in your setting. * We will pay the utmost attention while we set your stones, however, we cannot be responsible for breakage.

Customize Your Ring at MiaDonna

Every ring available at MiaDonna gives you the ability to customize it to your individual taste by selecting the MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® center stone shape and carat weight, as well as eco-friendly metal type, prong head and size in 1/4 increments. If you do not see what you would like on our website, call us! We are full service jewelers and are ready to customize your ring.

Custom Engraving

Engraving is a unique way to add a special touch to any engagement or wedding band purchase. Using the finest craftsmanship and latest technologies we can add your custom message either through our computerized laser engraving or by hand engraving. 

Custom Engraving is $35.00 and will not add any additional time to your hand crafted ring purchase. 

Please contact us when you are ready to make your purchase and a MiaDonna® Customer Service Specialist would be happy to help you place your order with your custom engraving message. Did you already place your order? Not a problem, give us a call and we would be happy to help you add this service onto your purchase. 

When considering your font choice, please be sure to consider the width of the band and how long your message will be. Should you be unsure as to the best font for your choices, a MiaDonna® Customer Service Specialist would be happy to provide you with their expertise to be sure your message reads well, once engraved inside your band. 

Custom Engraving is available in the following fonts:

Lucida Handwriting - Times New Roman Regular - Helvetica Neue - Edwardian Script - Garamond Italic - Trajan Pro Regular

  • MiaDonna® selects the most optimal precious metals and sizes for ring engraving. Ring design and diamond position affect placement of the engraving. Some rings may not be engraveable due to the style or material type.
  • Engraving messages will be confirmed via email by a Customer Service Specialist to ensure that your personal message is accurate.
  • Resizing an engraved ring will require your ring to be re-engraving with your message. You will need to re-purchase the engraving service, should you want to keep your message.
  • Please note, rings with custom engraving are not eligible for return or exchange.

  • If you would like to add any of these options to your ring or if you have any further questions, please contact one of our personal shoppers by emailing or call us at 866-996-9642.