MiaDonna - MiaDonna is the world leader for man made diamonds and conflict-free fine jewelry including lab created diamonds and the Diamond Hybrid® simulant.

Let Your Love Be Part of the Solution

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Engagement rings cost too much...... so we fixed it

We’re all about doing things differently. Creating traditions, not following them. New traditions that won’t impact you, the environment or native communities.

Founded by a consumer determined to fix the jewelry industry, MiaDonna crafts ethical, beautiful and affordable bridal jewelry using the finest lab-grown diamonds, gemstones and recycled metals. And with every product you purchase, MiaDonna will empower a diamond mining community to live a life free of poverty. So rest easy, your dream engagement ring awaits.

Our Mission

To create the highest quality and most beautiful, conflict-free engagement rings and fine jewelry available, while working to repair the land and lives damaged by the unethical conflict diamond industry.

MiaDonna CEO, Anna-Mieke

We care about our customers

MiaDonna was started by consumers, for consumers, which means we're doing things right by you, the earth and global societies.

Like no other
The Greener Diamond Foundation
The Greener Diamond Farm

The Solution

Five percent of the profits from every purchase are used to sponsors agricultural projects in damaged mining communities where locals are taught to farm food instead of mining for diamonds.

Three Stone Engagement Rings
Three stone engagement rings

Responsible & Sustainable

Our handcrafted settings are made in America using the finest grade recycled precious metals, and come set with your choice of lab-grown diamond, gemstone or Diamond Hybrid®.

Superior Lab-Grown Diamonds
Superior Lab-Grown Diamonds

MiaDonna offers the biggest and best selection of lab-grown diamonds, created right here in the USA.

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Diamond Hybrid Simulant
The Diamond Hybrid®

Meet the most affordable, beautiful and scientifically advanced, diamond infused simulant ever created!

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Lab-Created Gemstones
Lab-Created Gemstones

Conflict-free, superior to any alternative you’ll find on the market, and priced at only $358.00 per carat.

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Try Before You Buy

Shopping online can be tough – we get it. But what if you could try before you buy in the comfort of your own home. Sounds nice, right?

Our Home Try-On Program let’s you do just that. Choose 3 rings and we’ll pack ‘em up and ship ‘em out. Once you’ve tried all three on, simply pack them up and ship the rings back.

It’s as easy as that!

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