10 Honeymoon Essentials You Must Pack

Article by Linley

With all the stress of planning your wedding, it's easy to overlook your honeymoon essentials. And, since your packing list will be primarily determined by your honeymoon destination, we thought we help get you started by sharing our top 10 must haves for any honeymoon destination. 

Packing starts here....

  1. ID, Passport, Visas
  2. Airline ticket(s) 
  3. Hotel confirmation(s)
  4. Wallet (with cash and credit card) - if traveling internationally, don't forget local currency
  5. Phone numbers for your doctor, house/pet sitter, and credit card companies (in case your cards are lost or stolen)
  6. Any medications (prescriptions - in original bottle, pain relievers, anti-nausea or anti-diarrhea - you just never know)
  7. Cell phone charger (possible adaptor for international trips)
  8. Camera
  9. Special lingerie to surprise your new spouse with on the first (and last) night
  10. Birth control (considering you are bringing sexy lingerie - this is a honeymoon must as there most likely won't be a pharmacy on that exotic island you are visiting)