2015, The Year for Lab-Grown Diamonds!

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We have arrived!

MiaDonna CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson shares what an amazing year this has been for lab-grown diamonds! I am thrilled to be one of the industry pioneers forging this new era in diamonds. We are doing things now that I had only dreamed about doing 10 years ago.

Industry News – Lab-Grown Diamonds:

As 2015 comes to a close, I see the diamond and jewelry industry at a tipping point. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly more mainstream and consumers are demanding jewelry and diamond companies be held to much higher ethical standards. I am personally elated to see my vision of a greener diamond culture becoming a reality.

Over the last decade, the earth-mined diamond industry has underestimated and ridiculed us as they continued to trade in conflict diamonds. Through it all I have continued to stand by my mission – to create the highest quality, most beautiful, eco-friendly diamond jewelry available, while helping repair the lives and land damaged by the unethical conflict diamond industry. And now it gives me great joy to say we are doing things they never saw coming.

We are creating conflict-free type IIa lab-created diamonds in a safe modern-day lab environment that are better than earth-mined diamonds in EVERY. SINGLE. WAY. Up to 32ct in size, D in color, flawless in clarity and 30-40% less than earth-mined equivalents.

International Grown Diamond Association:

I am excited to announce the formation of the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) – a not-for-profit organization that represents the lab-grown diamond industry. The creation of this association is a significant historical milestone for the diamond industry as a whole. I am honored to be a founding member and to have the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded industry professionals, where together we can push for a socially responsible diamond industry.

The Greener Diamond Foundation:

With the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, this year has been a real rollercoaster of emotions. When we learned that our friends and team in Liberia were Ebola free we were ecstatic. However, we recently found out that the virus is back, creating new panic among locals. The hardships these people have endured and continue to endure weighs heavily on my mind and heart. It has been estimated that the Ebola outbreak has created 7,000 orphaned children and with most orphanages at capacity, local families are now volunteering to take in extra children.

While past efforts for The Greener Diamond (TGD) have been mainly concentrated on agriculture and creating job skills, we felt that switching gears and creating an additional project to help with the effects of Ebola on diamond mining communities was the best way for diamond consumers to help during this hard time. TGD has organized emergency supplies and are also helping by paying the tuition fees for many children who lost their parents as a result of Ebola.

The Greener Diamond The Elwou Orphanage Agricultural Project

Through this endeavor, we connected with an orphanage in Liberia, which has led us to fund our next farming project – The Elwou Orphanage Agricultural Project.

This farm will be linked to the Elwou Orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia. The orphanage currently hosts 80 children and six primary caregivers. With the assistance of our Liberia team, Youth Action International (YAI), the goal of this project will be to help this orphanage to grow food and raise livestock for self-consumption and resale. Unfortunately, until now this orphanage has been relying on aid given to them or begging to survive. This new flourishing farm will make this orphanage self-sustainable. 

I sincerely want to thank all our MiaDonna & Company customers and supporters. You made this happen!!

The Greener Diamond - The Elwou Orphanage Agricultural Project

The MiaDonna team:

I cannot end the year without thanking my talented team. I am beyond blessed to work with such an amazing group of people. It is one thing to have your own vision, but it is even more special when complete strangers decide that they want to work hard for your vision too. I couldn’t imagine being on this adventure with a better group of people. A BIG heartfelt THANK YOU to the MiaDonna team for wanting to “hang” with me every day, while helping to change the world – one eco-friendly diamond at a time.

The Future – 2016 and Beyond:

With 2015 being such an industry game changer, we know our future with lab-grown diamonds is unstoppable. The industry is evolving and as always MiaDonna is at the forefront. We will continue to be a resource for consumers while passionately participating in global efforts to end the trade of conflict diamonds. We don’t want consumers to fall out of love with diamonds, we want them to fall in love with this new era in diamonds by providing them with the most beautiful and scientifically advanced conflict-free diamonds available.

We don’t answer to shareholders, board members, mining companies, or De Beers. We will continue our promise to be a socially responsible advocate for diamond mining communities, global societies, and the earth. We are about making things right in 2016 and beyond!

Cheers! Anna-Mieke

Anna-Mieke’s TOP Engagement Ring Trends for 2016:

Last year Anna-Mieke predicted Ovals would be hot and mix and match sets would be in – and boy-oh-boy was she right – her engagement ring predictions for 2015 were all spot on! 

LOVING Anna-Mieke’s trend forecast for 2016….share with us in the comments if you agree!

1. Bands, bands, bands! Stack 3, 4 or 5 bands with your engagement ring – you seriously can’t have too many. And mix them up – plain metal, pavé set or antique details, they don’t have to match. Create a set that is as unique as your love, like the set shown above – from left to right: Tyra Wedding Band, Drew Wedding Band, Morrison Two-Tone Engagement Ring, Amore Wedding Band, Willow Wedding Band

2. Two tone rings! Mixed metals are trending and I know they will be BIG in 2016 too – especially combinations of rose and white gold.

3. Fancy color center stones! This is a trend I see carrying over from 2015. Whether colored diamonds or gemstones, I predict more couples will choose colored stones for their engagement rings in 2016.

4. Art deco! What goes around comes back around – I anticipate an upswing of vintage engagement ring designs with art deco influences.

MiaDonna Stacked Bands

2016 is all about embracing your style and being unique!