2017 Impact Report

Article by Adam

Written by Carly Burkhartsmeyer

Mining for diamonds seriously damages our Earth, often in irreparable ways. More than 150 million carats of diamonds are extracted annually, producing catastrophic results for the environment. As a leading retailer of conflict free lab-grown diamonds, MiaDonna seeks to put an end to the unnecessary destruction of our one-and-only Earth.

We are proud and excited to share with you a comparative report for 2017, which offers a glimpse into the positive impact of our environmental efforts. MiaDonna’s lab-grown diamonds use far less water, disturb exponentially less land, produce less than half the GHG emissions, and use a much more reasonable amount of energy than earth-mined diamonds. Take a look at our 2017 Impact Report below to see how we’ve even improved our results since 2016.

Data has been sourced from the 2014 Environmental Impact Analysis report published by Frost and Sullivan.

 MiaDonna Impact Reports *Increased GHG Emissions and Energy Used reflect growth of business from 2016 to 2017.

We’ve taken steps to secure ourselves as one of the world’s most ethical jewelry companies. First off, we take water usage seriously. Crafting jewelry takes a lot of water, but we use an extremely efficient filtration system to recycle the water used in production to cut down the amount of fresh drinking water used. Naturally, our conflict-free diamonds erase the need to dig deep into the Earth and displace enormous amounts of soil, as all of our stones are lab-created. We’ve also worked to ensure that our shipments are carbon neutral by planting a tree through One Tree Planted with every purchase. This support of reforestation efforts offsets the carbon dioxide emissions created when we ship out your new jewelry. 

Our work to restore and protect the Earth does not end at achieving sustainability awards and attaining the aforementioned statistics. We will remain dedicated to advocating for the environment, always finding new ways to raise the bar for sustainability. Utilizing only the finest recycled metals for all of our settings is just one more example of our commitment to protecting the Earth. Recycled metals do away with the toxic waste resulting from gold mining, which pollutes water and contaminates ecosystems. We’ve even created an eco-friendly jewelry cleaner that is non-toxic and packaged in a fully recyclable, grade 1 container. We are excited by the positive results of our environmental efforts and look forward to seeing even further innovation and improvement through 2018.