5 Reasons Engagement Ring Insurance Is Necessary

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You or your significant other has most likely spent a decent amount of money on your engagement ring, and it’s important to not only preserve it and keep it looking its best, but also to protect it for the future. Insuring your engagement ring will provide you with peace of mind in case of theft, damage, or accidental loss. Accidents happen, so make sure you have everything covered and safe. Read below on 5 reasons engagement ring insurance is necessary!

It will allow you to worry less

What’s the fun in hardly wearing your special, expensive jewelry? If your engagement ring is an heirloom or packed full of multiple carats of stones, you may be hesitant to wear it out of the house and show it off. With insurance however, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident, in case anything were to happen.

It protects your monetary investment

Some people see engagement rings as a beautiful, commemorative piece of jewelry. Others however, see it as a long term investment and something that should be preserved for many decades and generations to come. Insurance will help protect that monetary investment as the value grows and make sure that everything is in order for you to have peace of mind.

Engagement ring insurance

It makes accidents a little more manageable

Nobody enjoys the stress, heartbreak and horror of losing an expensive, sentimental engagement ring. With insurance though, at least these accidents are a little bit more manageable and you know where to turn for the next steps. The monetary value will be covered, and although you may not get the exact same engagement ring back again, you will be able to move forward knowing you won’t have to shell out as much as buying a brand new ring again.

It's cost effective

To insure most engagement rings, your monthly insurance is approximately 1-2% of the overall engagement ring cost. This is definitely a better deal to pay versus paying for an entirely new ring if anything were to happen! Invest a little bit monthly or yearly so you don’t need to pay even more later on. 

It's responsible

You may never lose anything, you may take the absolute best care of all of your belongings, but things can always happen that are out of our control. Don’t throw all your money down the drain by not insuring something so valuable to you, it’s a responsible thing to do and definitely one you won’t regret doing if your engagement ring is worth so much to you and your significant other. 

Engagement ring insurance