5 Unique Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Article by Linley

With handcrafted jewelry and thousands of different options to choose from on our website, we love the unique combinations our customers have been choosing for their Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Amore Vintage Wedding Set - 0.91ct Oval Cut Lab-Grown Diamond, 14K White Gold

The Amore Vintage Wedding Set is one of our best selling vintage styles - we love the look of the Oval cut center stone on the round and marquise shaped band.

Amore Wedding Set with Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond

2. Idyllic Engagement Ring - 1.53ct Pear Cut Lab Created Diamond, 14K Rose Gold

Thin bands with large center stones are in high demand at the moment, and this Idyllic Engagement Ring with a 1.53ct Lab Grown Diamond embodies both those trends. The Rose Gold diamond accented band completes the look!

Idyllic Engagement Ring with Pear Cut Lab-Grown Diamond

3. Custom Engagement Ring - 0.75ct Princess Cut Lab Created Diamond, 18K Yellow Gold

This custom made engagement ring features a kite set Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond with small diamond clusters on either side of the center stone, all atop a thin shank.

Custom Engagement Ring 0.75ct Princess Cut Lab Created Diamond

4. Flame Engagement Ring - 0.56ct Round Cut Lab Created Diamond, Palladium

We love the way the Flame Engagement Ring wraps around the center stone with both a diamond accented and plain metal band for a blend of the modern and classic style. This style emphasizes the 0.56ct Lab Grown Diamond, making it appear larger than it truly is.

Flame Engagement Ring 0.56ct Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond

5. Jennifer Three Stone Ring - 1.50ct Princess Cut Alexandrite, 2 x 0.50ct each Princess Cut Lab Created Diamonds, 18K Rose Gold

The Jennifer Three Stone Ring was made with an Alexandrite center stone, the birthstone of June, and two lab-grown diamond side stones all set in Rose Gold. Three stone rings are known to represent past, present, and future and this one does so beautifully.

Flame Engagement Ring 0.56ct Round Cut Lab Created Diamond