6 Conflict Free Infinity Engagement Rings We Love

Article by Anna
Anna Rojas

Did you know that the infinity symbol is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity? That sideways figure eight has a history that dates back to the 8th Century Frankish Empire, but it was John Wallis who was credited with introducing the symbol into mathematics in 1655. In the past, the symbol represented various meanings. In ancient India and Tibet, it represented perfection and dualism, it was known to stand for the unity of a man and woman, and signified the balance between opposing tarot forces.

As modern times progressed, the symbol was introduced to typography and graphic design. Today, the infinity sign is often described as two separate circles joining - representing the unity of two people. Suitably so, this symbol of expression of eternal love and devotion is commonly a design found in engagement and wedding rings.

They say man made diamonds are forever, and we couldn’t agree more. Here are six conflict free engagement rings with infinity designs we adore, perfect for your perpetual love.

Ali Antique Engagement Ring

The Ali Antique Engagement Ring subtly features different sized infinity symbols in the band’s profile.

Infinity Wedding Set

The Infinity Wedding Set features an infinity band on the engagement ring that surrounds the center stone. The matching band allows the two to sit flushed.

Beloved Wedding Set

The Beloved Wedding Set is designed with infinity bands made of woven metal strands - one solid and the other decorated with natural recycled diamonds.

Allure Wedding Set

The Allure Wedding Set features an infinity band on the engagement ring paired with a contoured wedding band - together they sit flushed.

Wonder Two Tone Wedding Set

The Wonder Two Tone Wedding Set features a natural recycled diamond infinity band and a diamond halo surrounding the center stone.

Luxe Accented Engagement Ring

The Luxe Engagement Ring is delicately designed with two infinity symbols that can be seen on the ring’s profile.