A Milestone for Ponpon

Article by Anna-Mieke
Anna-Mieke Anderson

Today marks a milestone in my journey to create a Greener Diamond future. When I found out I had most likely purchased a conflict diamond, I began sponsoring a 7-year-old boy in a diamond mining community. This is when Ponpon and his family entered into my life and forever changed both our futures. This is Ponpon, the boy who inspired me to start MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond.


Over a decade ago, Ponpon’s future was undetermined and the thought of going to school was but a mere dream. He and his siblings spent years hiding in their own home from rebel forces living under the fear of being taken to become child soldiers. It was then that I began financially supporting Ponpon and his family in an effort to pull them away from poverty and give them a fighting chance for a future.


Today, Ponpon is graduating from high school. His dream of becoming a doctor is now within reach as he is enrolled to begin college after graduation. Ponpon is very much a part of my family as I am a part of his. We always spend time together during my trips to Africa, and my children consider him to be an older brother. I couldn’t be more proud of Ponpon and his recent accomplishments. It is with great joy that I will continue supporting him financially through his college education.


When I started MiaDonna, I was ridiculed by others as they did not understand my vision for a truly conflict-free diamond industry. Today, as I see Ponpon grow before my eyes into a young man and now a high school graduate, it makes me glad that I kept pushing forward toward a greener future. This is but one example of what a social enterprise can accomplish, and I am so lucky that Ponpon has been the flame to ignite this mission since day one.

One of our long-term goals is to one day have Ponpon continue his college education in the United States. We are always looking to connect with people or organizations that can make this happen. If you or anyone you know has connections to make this a reality, please contact us at info@miadonna.com