All About Renewing Your Vows

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Sharing your heart and love with someone is a very big and important aspect of relationships, and especially in marriage. After spending 10, 20 or even 50 years with someone, many people would say that is an impressive achievement in itself. There comes a time when you may want to renew your vows with your loved one, but with so many different directions you could go for a vow renewal, what is the best way for you and your spouse? We put together some tips and ideas for renewing your vows and how to make it the best it can be for you.

1. Think about upgrading your engagement ring or adding new wedding bands for you and your spouse.

Some people choose to add on a new wedding band to represent their long term commitment to one another, and some choose to pick out a brand new engagement ring to upgrade for their spouse. At MiaDonna, we have so many different styles and options for any occasion, any price point, and any person. You can choose something flashier with a lab-grown diamond if you’re upgrading an engagement ring, or maybe you’re purchasing for your husband and want to get him a new wedding band. In any case, it could be fun for you to shop together and pick out rings for your vow renewal. Just have fun with it and make the day how you dreamed it would be!

2. Do it when you and your spouse feel the time is right.

If you have had a rocky road in your relationship, but you’ve made it 5 years and feel that’s a good time to renew your vows, then go for it! There is no specific time frame you can or should renew your vows in, just whenever it means the most to you. For some people, they wait until their 10 year anniversary, some wait until their 60th. It’s whenever your heart desires, and whenever you feel is the best time to reaffirm how much you love your partner and the life you’ve created together.

3. Make it as big or small as you want!

Want an excuse to throw a big party? Have a vow renewal! Want to just have a few friends over in your backyard? Have a vow renewal! This is your time to share with the world how much you continue to love and cherish your partner each day, and if you have the funds to throw a big bash, there’s no reason not to. The flip side too, if you do want to share the occasion with close friends and family but don’t want anything big and flashy, just keep it lowkey and quiet. Either way, it will be as magical as you make it!

4. Don’t forget to hire a photographer!

This is technically like a second wedding, and you will probably cherish this day even more as it signifies how much you’ve grown in your relationship and the tough times you’ve overcome together to get to where you are now. Hiring a photographer for a few hours or for the day, can be a great memory down the road when you look back on your next big milestone. It’s also so fun to see the changes from your wedding photos and compare.

5. Is this finally the time you get to elope?

The traditional wedding ceremony is still very popular and a big way people celebrate their marriage surrounded by their loved ones. Many people do envy those who elope for their wedding, and if you’ve always wanted to elope but didn’t get the chance to before, now could be the time! A great excuse for a vacation, and it’s often cheaper to pull everything together than a big party.

6. Take the time to write your own vows.

Speaking from your heart and sharing personal vows written totally by you, can be one of the most powerful and love-filled things you can do for your spouse. Take the time to look back on your relationship and discuss whatever comes to your heart, good and bad. Think about what you’ve had to face together, what you’ve learned from your spouse, and if you have children or grandchildren together, you could definitely talk about those achievements, too. There’s no rules on what you should write in your vows, but it does make a difference if they come from your heart.