Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring

Article by Guest

Written by Carly Burkhartsmeyer

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged - and the ring is gorgeous! The vocalist first showed off her custom Greg Yuna ring, a $93,000 pear shaped diamond set in platinum, during a performance at the WangoTango concert in LA. Pear shaped diamonds of any size tend to appear larger due to their elongated cut, but at a whopping 3 carats, Ariana Grande’s engagement ring is truly stunning.

Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty

We love this style not only for the flattering, feminine look the elongated diamond creates, but also for the meaning behind the pear shape. As it’s a less common choice for an engagement ring, this shape of diamond points to the wearer’s individuality. Vogue agrees, saying “women who move to the beat of their own drum and don’t want a ring like anyone else gravitate to a pear.” Plus, the shape’s balance of a rounded end and a tapered point closely resemble a teardrop, representing the tears of joy shed as the couple looks ahead to their future together.

Luckily for those of us who love this unique, meaningful style but lack the budget of a celebrity couple, MiaDonna offers a beautiful and ethical lookalike at a far more reasonable price.

Heroine Accented Engagement Ring

Our Heroine Accented Engagement Ring highlights a pear-shaped, lab-grown diamond with a halo of natural recycled diamonds that continue down the band. Although nearly identical to Grande’s new ring, the Heroine comes at a much lower price tag thanks to the use of lab-grown diamonds. Completely conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds are not only the ethical choice for jewelry, but can also cost up to 40% less than their earth-mined counterparts.

The Heroine can also be set with a pear-shaped Diamond Hybrid® to really save on cost, if that’s your preference. At 3% the price of an earth-mined diamond, the Diamond Hybrid is easily the best and most affordable conflict-free diamond simulant on the market. This simulant is constructed from a crystal core with an enhanced lab-created diamond outer layer, ensuring the realistic brilliance you look for in a diamond ring.