Celebrate September with a Lab-Created Blue Sapphire

Article by Andrew

Known as the stone of destiny, the Sapphire is believed to protect those we love from envy and harm.

As one of our favorite and most popular gem choices, the lab-created blue sapphire is an ideal gift for the September baby. So if you’re looking to spoil that “special” someone, here’s a few of our favorites to get the ideas flowing.

Martini Halo Earrings with Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire

 Alice Three Stone Ring

Alice Three Stone Ring with Lab-Created Blue Sapphires

Why choose a MiaDonna Lab-Created Blue Sapphire?

MiaDonna uses some of the most scientifically advanced processes to create beautiful, precision-cut synthetic gemstones in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Our laboratory techniques produce real blue sapphires, with an identical physical, optical and chemical make-up to their natural gemstone equivalent.

HOW: Under laboratory conditions, temperatures are controlled and foreign materials found in the earth are eliminated from our starting chemicals, making our crystal growth more predictable, which in turn allows us to consistently produce the best qualities and colors – even better than those found in nature.

Our lab-created gemstones are conflict-free, superior to any alternative you’ll find on the market, and priced at only $395.00 per carat – approximately 3% the cost of a mined counterpart.