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8 Most Stunning Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings of All Time

8 Most Stunning Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings of All Time

8 Most Stunning Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings of All Time

September is Sapphire Month! From blue to pink sapphires, we love these bright, rich colored gems. Lab grown gemstones, especially sapphires, look stunning as an ethical and conflict free engagement ring or set as a pendant or accessory. Need some inspiration for your own sapphire engagement ring? Take a look at our list below of 8 Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings we love!


Kate Middleton Sapphire Engagement Ring

Kate Middleton 


The Duchess of Cambridge’s striking blue sapphire engagement ring was originally Princess Diana’s engagement ring before she passed in 1997. The ring consists of a 12-carat Oval cut blue sapphire center stone surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. Interestingly, when the blue sapphire ring was first showcased on Princess Diana, many publications in Britain referred to it as a ‘commoner’s ring’ and couldn’t understand why she didn’t build a custom ring, but now, it’s one of the most famous and iconic engagement rings ever. If you're looking to get this look for less, our Flora Vintage Engagement Ring is the perfect ethical, conflict-free dupe that you can rock everyday!

Emma Slater Sapphire Engagement Ring

Emma Slater 


Dancing With The Stars celeb and dance professional, Emma Slater, was proposed to in 2016 by her then boyfriend, Sasha Farber. Her engagement ring is a gorgeous 4 carat pink, dusky rose colored sapphire, though Emma herself calls it a ‘wine color.’ The center stone is surrounded by 115 micro pave diamonds.

Mary-Kate Olsen Sapphire Engagement Ring

Mary-Kate Olsen


This vintage Cartier engagement ring incorporates diamonds, sapphires and flower petals for a truly unique ring! Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring from Olivier Sarkozy is a vintage Cartier engagement ring, with a 4 carat European cut diamond center stone, surrounded by 16 Calibre cut blue sapphire and 1.5 carats worth of diamonds on the petals shown around the center stone.

Elizabeth Taylor Sapphire Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Taylor 


Elizabeth’s marriage to Michael Wilding in 1952 came with a stunning (and large!) cabochon blue sapphire engagement ring with diamond side stones. Many jewelers had high requests for a similar style ring once this beauty was shown off!

Jenny McCarthy Sapphire Engagement Ring

Jenny McCarthy 


This custom engagement ring dazzles all the way from LA! Jenny McCarthy’s custom yellow sapphire engagement ring from Donnie Wahlberg is jaw dropping. This diamond encrusted ring features a 10 carat yellow sapphire center stone and set in 18 karat white gold.

Victoria Beckham Sapphire Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham 


Posh Spice doesn’t want just one engagement ring, why not have 14 of them? With 14 engagement rings, she has her pick for what style and stone she wants to rock each day, though she only has one blue sapphire engagement ring. In 2010, David Beckham chose a massive oval cut blue sapphire set on a platinum micro pave band.  

Penelope Cruz Sapphire Engagement Ring

Penelope Cruz 


Javier Bardem proposed to the gorgeous Penelope Cruz with a 3 carat oval cut blue sapphire engagement ring set in a flower shaped diamond halo. This is one of the simpler, more modest priced rings on our list, estimated to cost around 30,000 dollars.

Elizabeth Hurley Sapphire Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Hurley 


Actress Elizabeth Hurley was proposed to with a striking 9 carat blue sapphire engagement ring, also featuring two 2 carat trillion cut diamonds on either side of the sapphire. Her now husband, cricket player Shane Warne, sure did not skimp on this ring! Build our Selma Three Stone Engagement Ring with a lab grown blue sapphire center stone to get this look for less!


If you’re in the market for a lab grown sapphire engagement or cocktail ring, MiaDonna has you covered. Shop all loose lab grown gemstones now and request a quote to build your own ring today!