How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring for You

Article by Linley

With so many engagement ring styles to choose from it can be difficult to know how to choose the right engagement ring style. That is why MiaDonna's team of engagement ring experts has come up with six style classifications to help you narrow down which ring design suits your personal style best.

With categories ranging from ‘Modern’ to ‘Vintage’ and everything in between, it has never been easier to find the engagement ring style that’s perfect for you!

 What's Your Engagement Ring Style


High Fashion Engagement Ring

Unique. Trendsetter. High Fashion. Appearance is more important than function for lovers of this style. Engagement rings with large center stones and delicate details, such as micro pavé, are exactly what a fashionista wants.

TIP: Keep in mind that most of these styles are delicate and may require more tender loving care than other styles. It's not the ideal choice for those with overly active lifestyles.

Recommended Styles:

1. Halo style engagement rings

2. Engagement rings with side stones

3. Pave engagement rings

4. Micro pave engagement rings

    Vintage Glam

    Vintage Engagement Ring

    This timeless style brings with it delicate and romantic lines reminiscent of the past. Featuring intricate details and filigree designs, vintage and antique engagement rings are an ideal choice for those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind design.

    TIP: This style can also be on the delicate side, due to the intricate details crafted by hand. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure it lasts many a lifetime.

    Recommended Styles:

    1. Antique style engagement rings

    2. Vintage style engagement rings

    3. Halo style engagement rings

    4. Two tone engagement rings

    5. Filigree engagement rings

    6. Hand-engraved engagement rings


    Classic Engagement Ring

    The solitaire engagement ring is a classic style that looks great on every woman. In particular, this style is ideal for the bride with a classic and traditional sense of taste, active lifestyle or who's simply after a low maintenance ring.

    TIP: Center stone size must be considered with the design choice – going too large may cause the stone or prongs to be more prone to accidental damage.

    Recommended Styles:

    1. Solitaire engagement rings

    2. Three stone engagement rings

    3. Engagement rings with side stones 


    Modern Engagement Ring

    Clean lines, minimal details and distinct angles are all staples of a modern design. If your an innovative forward thinker, who appreciates simplistic statement pieces, a modern style is just for you.

    TIP: Many modern ring styles utilize thicker bands which will be more snug on your finger. Try going up in ring size for a more comfortable fit.

    Recommended Styles:

    1. Solitaire engagement rings

    2. Two tone engagement rings

    3. Bezel set engagement rings


    Minimalist Engagement Ring

    Believe it or not, some simply prefer to wear a band instead of a ring with a center stone! Wearing just a band is great for people who do a lot with their hands, and want to work/eat/sleep in their ring.

    TIP: Mix and match your bands to create a unique look. The options are endless!

    Recommended Styles:

    1. Solitaire engagement rings

    2. Engagement rings with side stones

    3. Infinity engagement rings


    Sentimental Engagement Ring | Three Stone Engagement Rings

    When one stone just isn’t enough! Known to represent past, present and future, this style is perfect for engagements, anniversaries or “just because.”

    TIP: Select the timeless beauty of three matching center stone shapes, or get creative and mix it up.

    Recommended Styles:

    1. Three stone engagement rings

    2. Engagement rings with side stones

    3. Hand engraved engagement rings

    4. Filigree engagement rings

    5. Infinity engagement ring