Choosing Her Wedding Band

Article by
Alexa Chappell

Wedding Bands universally symbolize commitment and everlasting love between a couple, but the way they look or how they “match” your engagement ring is entirely up to personal taste. According to, your engagement ring and wedding band should complement one another without feeling too ‘matchy-matchy’.

Some engagement rings have matching wedding bands and come as bridal sets, while others can be mixed and matched. Your engagement ring’s perfect wedding band match could be...

Straight fit

This style of wedding band has no contour - depending on your engagement ring style, a straight fit band may sit flush against the engagement ring or may leave gapping between the two rings. Both looks are highly desirable. 

Contour fit

This style of wedding band will swoop and hug the engagement ring - some slight gapping may still occur. 

‘Puzzle fit’

This style of wedding band has no gapping - it is often custom made if it is not already part of a bridal set and typically comes notched or contoured to sit perfectly up against the engagement ring without any gapping.

No matter how you picture your wedding set looking, we have a large selection of wedding bands for you to choose from to create your dream set. If your engagement ring is super unique or you can’t find the perfect band from our selection, there is no need to worry, our custom design team has the talent to help you create the band you have been envisioning.

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