6 Most Common Questions About Recycled Metal

Article by Adam

When it comes to choosing a recycled metal type for your engagement ring or wedding band, style is the primary decision-maker. Another key factor to consider is how each recycled metal type contributes to the value and wearability of your ring. At MiaDonna, every setting is created using only the finest eco-friendly recycled 14K and 18K gold, 950 pure platinum or 950 pure palladium. All our settings are manufactured in the United States, ensuring they’re well constructed using more metal per ring than our competitors.

We can guarantee your jewelry to be conflict-free and of the highest quality and integrity. Not only will you love your ring for its beauty, but you’ll be proud to wear it for its minimal impact on the environment. To make your decision process easier, we’ve answered the 6 most common questions about recycled metals.

1. Which recycled metal is hypoallergenic?

Our 950 platinum and 950 palladium are both hypoallergenic metals and great choices for those who have metal sensitivities. Our 14K and 18K gold metals are not hypoallergenic as they contain nickel, zinc, copper, or non-pure metals which are common in these metal types.

Recycled Metal Comparison

2. What recycled metal is the most low maintenance?

If you’re looking for a low maintenance recycled metal, consider platinum or palladium. Compared to white gold, they do not require periodic rhodium dipping to keep their white color as they are naturally grey-white in color. With that said, every metal type scratches. No matter which metal type you choose, you will need to get polishing from time-to-time to maintain a bright, shiny finish.

3. What is the most affordable recycled metal?

Known for its price and wearability, 14K gold is the most affordable and most popular metal type on the market.

White Gold vs. Rose Gold. vs. Yellow Gold

4. I have a very active lifestyle. Which metal type is best for me?

For an active lifestyle, we recommend 14K gold or palladium. Palladium is slightly harder than platinum, so it is less likely to change its shape. 14K gold is the hardest and more affordable, so any repairs that may be needed will also cost less to maintain.

5. How do I know which metal will look best on me?

While we encourage choosing metal types based on personal preference, it’s important to note that certain skin tones compliment specific metal types. To determine your skin tone, find a spot where your veins are visible (we recommend using your wrist) and look at it in natural light. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If your veins appear blue in some areas and green in others, you have a neutral skin tone.

Generally, cool skin tones look good in white metals such as white gold, platinum and palladium. Those with warm skin tones look good in yellow and rose gold. If you have a neutral skin tone, you'll look good in both white, yellow and rose metals.

14k Rose Gold Wedding Set

6. Can I mix metals? Such as pairing a 14K white gold engagement ring and a platinum wedding band.

Although mixing metal types can save you money, we do not recommend doing this if you are going to be wearing the rings together. Since each metal type wears differently, they will look different as time progresses. It’s also important to note that harder metals will scratch each other more significantly. However, if you are interested in mixing metal colors, we suggest you stick to one metal type, such as 14K or 18K gold, and mix and match the colors.

We also offer a two-tone engagement ring and wedding band collection for those that simply cannot decide on one metal type.