De Beers Finally Getting Called Out for Dishonest Marketing and Lies

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A message from our CEO and Founder, Anna-Mieke Anderson: 

Yonden Lhatoo is my new hero. In his latest article, he calls out De Beers on all their BS, including their marketing propaganda, blatant misrepresentations and flat-out lies. He rubbishes the ‘natural’ diamond market as a rip-off, built on deception about the worth of stones that are now being mass-produced in laboratories to offer much cheaper and better alternatives.

When talking about De Beers’ marketing ploys, he states...."What a joke. There’s a sucker born every minute, the saying goes, and they keep falling for this crock of bovine faeces." 

I appreciate his frankness when it comes to shining the truth on such an important topic, something I have been working on for the past 14 years. It needed to be said. The suppression of the grown-diamond industry by De Beers and others has been disgraceful and deceptive and it's time the consumer needs to know. I am actually surprised this article made it to press. In my past experiences, articles like this did not see the light of day. I am so glad to see times are changing.

I say, make both grown and mined diamonds equally and openly available on the market. Let the customer decide. It’s that simple. Consumers need to know the truth about the products they are purchasing and his article does that so well.

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