Design Your Engagement Ring with a Personalized Touch

Article by Linley

Custom design is just one of many special ways you can personalize your engagement ring. If you don’t have the timeline or budget for a custom ring, then why not try out one of these cost-effective ways to make your ring (extra) special.

If you have found a ring you love, don’t hesitate to contact us about adding personalized detail (or two). From something as sentimental as an engraved message or as unique as using colored gemstones, personalizing your engagement ring is as easy as it is romantic.

Make it Sentimental.


Birthstones are an easy way to personalize your engagement ring. Whether you choose to use yours, both you and your partners or even your children's, incorporating this sentimental stone is most definitely a symbolic way to personalize your ring.


Engraving is a heartfelt way to add a ‘secret’ message to your engagement ring or wedding band. Every time you wear your ring, you will be reminded of the special message your loved one had inscribed just for you.

Engagement Ring Engraving

Hidden Stones

Looking for a discreet way to show your love? Adding a ‘hidden’ stone inside the band that only you know is there, to remind you of the special bond you share with your partner. It could be a single diamond, her favorite gemstone, your birthstones or even the stone that represents the month you will marry.

Make it Unique.


Depending on the design, creating a two-tone engagement ring is a fun and trendy way to personalize the design. Mix rose with white gold or maybe yellow with white gold to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Two-Tone Rings

Add or Remove Diamonds

Did you know? Most designs can be modified with more or less diamonds. You could mix it up by adding diamonds to a solitaire you love or if you are more of a minimalist try removing some of the diamonds from a fancy design to suit your style.


Swapping out the center or side stones for her favorite gemstone is a unique way to personalize your engagement ring. We’ve had customers even choose gemstones based on her favorite color, or even to match her eyes.


Make it One-of-a-Kind.

Custom Design Your Own Engagement Ring

If all else fails, you can also choose to custom design your engagement ring. This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to create an engagement ring that is truly one-of-a-kind.

After all….Why settle for a “standard” design when you can personalize your engagement ring to be as unique and meaningful as your love.