Diamond Mining: An Outdated Industry

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Mining for precious resources is not only hard on the miners it is catastrophic to the environment. In recent news I have seen stories about hundreds of geese dying in a toxic pit mine and about how Brazil is experiencing the worst environmental mining disaster in its history, leaving 19 people dead, destroying villages and killing local fish and aquatic life.

These tragic events are just another reminder of how resource mining displaces communities, contaminates drinking water, hurts workers, generates heaps of waste, leaves a long-lasting scar on landscapes and communities, and contaminates ecosystems with toxic waste which results in widespread water pollution. And the list goes on…

When it comes to diamond mining, these practices are outdated and no longer necessary with the scientific advancements of modern-day laboratory grown diamonds, like MiaDonna’s exciting achievement of growing the largest grown in the USA lab-grown diamond at 6.28cts.

Every time you spend a dollar, you’re investing money in your future. Your money goes to work in the world, but all too often it goes to support industries and corporations that perpetuate injustice and pollute the environment—much without your knowledge. Despite that truth, we can change that, by becoming an informed consumer. 
We can use our economic power to push for socially and environmentally responsible businesses and put our global society on a more sustainable path.

I was asked by our friends at the Better Diamond Initiative to write an article about diamond mining and its lasting effects on our current and future environment. Read the article here. I am passionate about this topic and wanted to share it with you here also. Please visit betterdiamondinitiative.org to read my other articles about laboratory grown diamonds.