Engagement Ring Dos and Don’ts

Article by Adam

You are the proud owner of a new conflict-free diamond engagement ring, but do you know the best way to take care of it? MiaDonna’s fine jewelry is handcrafted to last a lifetime. With proper treatment and gentle care, you can ensure your jewelry will keep its shine and luster over time. The following jewelry care tips are a great guide for keeping your ring in its best shape.

Insure Your Ring

Upon purchasing an engagement ring, the first thing you should do is insure it. From damaging your ring to losing it or having it stolen, the truth is that you never know what could happen to it. While the meaning behind your ring is irreplaceable, you can properly take action to get it insured for its full replacement value. Most homeowner, renter, and comprehensive auto insurance policies offer extended coverage for your fine jewelry. Additionally, Jewelers Mutual is a third party insurer that offers replacement policies.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance

Keep Your Ring Clean

You’re likely to wear your ring on a daily basis, so it’s important to regularly clean it. Routine cleanings will keep your jewelry looking beautiful, but be careful to only use non-abrasive cleaners, lukewarm water and polishing cloths. Abstain from using hot water as it can result in discoloration. Never clean your ring over an open drain to avoid the possibility of it falling through. In additional to regularly cleanings at home, we recommend you get it cleaned professionally every six months.

Keep Your Ring Clean

Avoid Wearing Your Ring In Damage-Prone Situations

There are many situations in which you shouldn’t wear your ring in order to protect it and ensure damage does not occur. Some instances are obvious, like not wearing it while doing yard work, when swimming, or while playing contact sports. Other occasions that may not be top of mind include cooking, working out, doing house work, showering, and washing your hands. You risk damaging your ring if wearing it while performing these manual tasks, so it’s best to remove your jewelry beforehand.

Avoid Damaging Situations

Store Your Ring In A Safe Place

When you’re not wearing your ring, it’s important to store it in a safe place that is clean and dry, preferably lined with a soft fabric. We recommend keeping your unworn ring in a designated jewelry tray or jewelry box for safekeeping. Additionally, be sure to protect your jewelry by avoiding contact with other jewelry as diamonds can scratch other materials, including other diamonds.

Store Your Ring Safely

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You want to be sure to avoid harsh chemicals while wearing your engagement ring. This includes regular household cleaning sprays, detergents, outdoor bug and fertilizer sprays and any other toxic chemicals that could possibly erode your ring. Exposure to cleaning fluids, cosmetics, and lotions often damage or cause build-up on your jewelry and precious stones.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals