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It is my favorite time of year... ENGAGEMENT SEASON! One of the things I love most about engagement season is seeing all of the creative customizations our customers come up with. Whether it’s simply modifying their favorite MiaDonna engagement ring by engraving their initials or a special message inside the band, or even working with our custom design department to create a one-of-a-kind ring that has a romantic moment behind it - I love the unique love story each ring tells.

The Greener Diamond and Ebola Update

As you may have heard, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are Ebola free, which is great news, but unfortunately it has, once again, really devastated these fragile countries. The hardships the locals have gone through and continue to go through weigh heavily on my mind and heart.

The Greener Diamond Foundation - Liberia 2016

While past efforts for The Greener Diamond have been mainly concentrated on agriculture and creating job skills, we feel that switching gears with our next project and helping with the effects of Ebola on diamond mining communities is the best way we can give back.

Unicef reported almost 18,000 cases and more than 6,000 people died from Ebola, creating 7000 orphaned children. Let me say that again... 7000 ORPHANED CHILDREN, which is just heartbreaking. Most orphanages are full and lack the funding and supplies to support any additional children, so local families are stepping up and taking in extra children. These families have come to The Greener Diamond asking for help, and with your help we have been able to give back to families in Liberia. We have organized emergency supplies and are paying the tuition fees for many of the children who lost their parents as a result of Ebola.

YOU made this happen. Thank you for shopping at MiaDonna!

Industry News

New terms set forth in International organization standardization (ISO).

There have been additional guidelines put in place by the ISO about what we can call ‘lab-created diamonds’ and how they can be described. Unfortunately, these new terms were put into place without input from the lab-created diamond industry and are very bias to the mined diamond industry. Under these new guidelines, we now have to describe lab-created diamonds as ‘synthetic’ or ‘artificial diamonds’, which is incredibly inaccurate and confusing to the consumer.

I am very troubled by the use of these new terms to describe a real diamond created in a modern-day lab environment. Both of these descriptive terms imply that the product is "fake" or an "imitation." And, as you know, there is nothing "fake" about lab-created diamonds. There is no such thing as ‘synthetic carbon’ or ‘artificial carbon.’ We are producing crystallized carbon and creating diamonds identical to those mined from the earth.

You can read more about these new terms in a recent article I was quoted in by Better Diamond Initiative.

Why Synthetic Diamond is an Incorrect Term
What Lab-grown diamond industry thinks about ISO 18323?

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