Fall in Love with Fall's Ethical Jewelry Trends!

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Autumn has us falling in love with this season’s ethical jewelry trends! If you’re looking to spice up your sweater weather wardrobe with beautiful accessories, or perhaps looking for a unique engagement ring, we have some gorgeous ideas for you!




Padparadscha are from the family of corundum, which is the family of sapphires! All colors in this family are considered Sapphires, except for Padparadscha and rubies, which have their own name. Being a part of the sapphire family, they are second in hardness on the mohs scale compared to diamonds. They have a beautiful dark orangey-pink color, and when mined, traditionally come from Sri Lanka. We’ve replicated the process in process in the lab, and ours are the same, if not more beautiful, than the earth-mined stone. Padparadscha are the perfect fall gemstone with their orangey-pink or red hue and they look even more stunning set in yellow gold! Check out our Padparadscha pendant from our Ready to Ship items on our website, or create your own Padparadscha jewelry to add some fall spice to your accessories!



Emeralds have a long history behind them, referenced in Christianity and Ancient Egypt. Long worn by ancient Egyptian and Incan civilizations, they are rumored to give the wearer the ability to see the future, and they are also said to represent spring and new growth. While often associated with being the May birthstone, the deep green of emeralds make them a perfect choice for fall. Surround your favorite shape with a halo and set it into a gorgeous pendant or pair of earrings and match the lively hues and vibrant color changes all around you this time of year!

Yellow Gold


Many cultures have imagined yellow gold as a representation of the sun, and some cultures even believed their gods had bones made of gold! Yellow gold has long been a fascination for humans, and some Paleolithic caves have been found with gold dating back to 40,000 B.C. Yellow gold has always been representative of power, culture, and high class status. It continues to be one of the world’s most sought-after materials, but here at MiaDonna we use only 100% recycled gold and metals. While you maintain a gorgeous aesthetic, your mind can rest easy knowing that our gold was recycled instead of mined. Add a classic statement with our Diamonds by the Yard Necklace in yellow gold, or adorn your wrists with one of our yellow gold infinity bracelets for a delicate, golden touch to a cozy autumn wardrobe!



Rubies, most known for their vibrant red color, have a long history of representing health, power, status, passion, and protection. Rubies are just as sought after today as they always have been, and they make an exquisite choice for a romantic gift selection. Rubies, like Padaradschas, are a part of the corundum family, housing another notable gem - Sapphires. Rubies are one of the hardest stones next only to diamonds, and they look gorgeous in any piece of jewelry. Choose a lab-grown Ruby to set in a right hand ring, pendant, or even this gorgeous pair of earrings or engagement ring to bring the warmth of passion and desire into your wardrobe this fall.

Champagne Sapphires and Rose Gold


Champagne sapphires are a unique color family ranging from pale pinks to peachy colors, and are known to represent emotions such as love, creativity, and acceptance. Champagne sapphires have similar colors to Morganite stones, but are much harder and more durable. Pairing champagne sapphires with rose gold settings is a favorite trend that hasn’t lost speed, but these sparkling pastel stones look beautiful in any color setting. Check out our Lab-Grown Diamond Halo Stud Champagne Sapphire Earrings on our Ready to Ship page, or explore our engagement ring settings and loose lab-grown gemstones to create your dream champagne sapphire ring!


Whether you’re looking for some gorgeous stud earrings, a delicate bracelet, a pendant with a pop of color, or even a beautiful ring, we’ve got everything you need to spice up your autumn wardrobe! Don’t see something you love on our website? Chat with our personal shoppers to custom design your perfect piece of jewelry today!