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Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day

We’ve all heard of Valentine’s Day, based on the Roman Lupercalia festival and later dubbed by the Pope as St. Valentine’s Day, but what about Galentine’s Day? It may have popped up in your social circle in the last decade, and that’s all thanks to the TV show “Parks & Recreation”, believe it or not! Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13th, and is a day for people to shower their best friends in love and celebrate with drinks, brunch, gifts, or any other tradition you have together. While still not present on Google Calendar, Galentine’s Day might just be the best “fake” holiday to celebrate during the whole year. What better way to show your friends how much they mean to you than beautiful gifts and a champagne toast?! We give our thanks to Leslie Knope for the tradition, because it has become one of our favorites.

Three women sitting on a bench laughing with a field of flowers and green mountains in the background

There are so many great ways to celebrate the special people in your life, and we’ve got all the best ideas! Grab your favorite bottle of wine and have a wine and cheese night with a great movie, or maybe you fancy a joint mani/pedi appointment to relax and feel oh-so beautiful. Galentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for ladies, it’s for anyone and everyone to enjoy a day celebrating your closest friends, the people that have stuck by your side through difficult times and romantic relationships.

Ten women standing in a field posing for the camera and smiling

“Do I have to give gifts?” Of course not! The day is about spending time with your closest friends and appreciating their presence in your life. But remember how much fun it was in Jr. High to wear the matching “Best Friends” necklaces and bracelets. We think you should have the same thrill as an adult! If you do want to give your besties something special, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

three stackable skinny rope rings in yellow, white and rose gold

One popular trend we are seeing right now is friends getting beautiful matching stackable rings! The Gypsy Eternity Band is a gorgeous option, or perhaps a Comfort Fit Band in a variety of metal tones to suit your individual personalities. Or, my personal favorite, the Skinny Rope Ring. Perhaps gemstone earrings are your thing? Choose a pair of studs with gorgeous lab-grown sapphires, emeralds, rubies or alexandrite. They’ll be a gorgeous pop of color that you’ll cherish forever.

Two gold disc necklaces

If you’re more of a bracelet or necklace person, we have gorgeous options for you to shop those as well! The Infinity Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet is a fan favorite, and one that can signify a friendship that will last a lifetime. Shop it in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold to make it match your style. If you prefer necklaces, what says “best friends” better than an engraved pendant? Take a look at our Multi-Name Disc Necklace for the perfect way to keep your friends close.


No matter what you choose for your celebration or gift-giving, Galentine’s Day is certainly a day to keep close to your heart. Be sure to tell your friends just how much they mean to you this year!


MiaDonna Team

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