How to Build the Perfect Lab-Created Diamond Earrings

Article by Linley
Linley Shepard

We have been busy here at MiaDonna designing a one-of-a-kind website that allows customers to completely build/customize their jewelry from scratch. One exciting new change is our earring builder; customers can now individually select the Lab Created Diamonds they would like used in each earring. We have put together a little "How-To" guide below for choosing the perfect pair of lab created diamond earrings

Step One - Choose a Setting

We have a great selection of earring styles to choose from. Recently, we have been loving our stud earrings like the Martini Earrings or Round Scroll Earrings! The first step in creating your earrings is to select the style you are interested in. Click here to browse our lab-created diamond earring collection.

Choose your lab-created diamond earring setting

Step Two - Choose your diamonds

Most traditional jewelry stores offer pre-selected diamond pairs when purchasing earrings online. We have opted against this as we feel our customers should have the power to customize their earrings. For example, if you wanted to choose a 1.19ct Round Cut J color stone, you could then pick a K color to complete the pair. Same goes for clarity; a VS1 stone could pair nicely with an SI1.

Any number of combinations are available, so here are some more detailed tips for selecting a matching pair of Lab Created Diamonds without the same specifications.


There will be no visible difference between stones that are in the following ranges; D-F, G-H, I-J, J-K. If you are going to mix stones outside those ranges, we recommend going with the closest colors, such as F-G, H-I, J-K. Should you choose an F and a J, you risk the colors not matching, and the difference in color being visible to the naked eye.

Choosing your lab-created diamond colorChoosing your lab-grown diamond colorChoosing your man-mad diamond colorChoosing your lab-created diamond color


Any stone within the VVS1 - VS2 clarity range will be "eye clean" meaning there will be no visible inclusions to the naked eye; you could select any combination of clarities within this range and the stones will look identical. The possibility for a visible inclusion becomes a consideration when you choose diamonds between SI1-SI2, and is even more likely with an I1 clarity grade. That being said, unless there is a large inclusion on one of the stones (which would be disclosed on the certificate), anything in the SI1-I1 range should be a match. Clarity is one of the least important factors - unless there are large inclusions - when it comes to choosing two matching stones.    

Choosing your lab-created diamond clarityChoosing your lab grown diamond clarity


Does the exact same carat weight need to be selected for stones to be a visual match? Absolutely not! A general rule of thumb is to keep the carat weight within 0.10ct of each other, and you won't be able to tell which is which to the naked eye. For example, in the image below there is a $300 savings simply by choosing a slightly smaller carat weight, and they will still be a perfect match! 

Choose your lab-created diamond carat size

Step Three - Confirm and Place Your Order

After selecting your stones and metal type, you can then review your order and make any changes if you would like. Assuming everything looks good, the earrings can be added to the bag, leading to the check out page. It's that easy!

Confirm and place your order

If this seems a little overwhelming at first, don't worry; our personal shoppers are here to help! We are happy to answer any questions you may have over LiveChat, email, or phone. In addition, each order is manually reviewed and processed, so if we have any questions, see anything we think you may have missed, or if we know the stones you have chosen won't be a perfect match, we will personally reach out to confirm the order for you.

Start customizing your dream earrings now.