National Spouses Day: How to Show Appreciation Everyday

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With the holiday season, the ringing in of the New Year, and busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your spouse or simply show them how much you care without feeling like you need to carve out time to do so. Showing you appreciate someone doesn’t have to always be grand, extravagant gestures, but can be something as little as leaving love notes in their lunch box every morning, or just sending them a photo of something that reminded you of them.

We believe in love and happy couples at MiaDonna, and one of the keys to happiness is showing love and appreciation. It’s important to try and keep your love, intimacy, and happiness thriving every day, even through the busy schedules and stressful times. As we approach National Spouses Day this weekend, here are a couple of ideas and ways for you to show appreciation for your spouse, every day.

How To Show Appreciation Every Day

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1. Start small: Eat a meal together every day.

No distractions, no electronics or tv’s turned on, just you and your S.O. Sit down and just talk while you have a nice meal together. This is a great way to reconnect at the end of the day with a relaxing dinner, or start the day off at breakfast together and discuss your game plan for the day. This can also help better understand your spouse’s schedule and ways you both can slip in more time to talk and catch up during the day or week.

2. Tell your spouse how proud you are of them.

Sometimes everybody needs a little reassurance that they’re on the right path and that they have support around them from their loved ones. Let your spouse know you’re proud of them, happy for them, or any variation of affirmation to make them feel good inside. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are supported in all of your endeavors!

3. If you have kids, spend a little time each day giving your spouse a break.

Life in general can be crazy, but life with kids? Insanity. Each day, maybe coordinate with your spouse on some break times in the evening where each of you can have some quiet, alone time to just do whatever your mind or heart desires. This can help with overall happiness and concentration to just have the peace and quiet, and it allows you time to connect with your kids more often!

4. Let them know you’re happy.

It’s as simple as that: let them know you’re happy living life by their side. This is very basic, but very important. Let your spouse know that you cherish the life you’re building together, and that you are happy to be on this crazy journey with them. You may not realize it now, but understanding when you’re happy each day and working on the times when you run into some issues, can truly help build a successful marriage later down the road.

5. Support them on the daily; their career, passions, and hardships.

Through all of their side projects, job changes, friendships, and relationship difficulties, support your spouse. Spend time listening, discussing, and try to give more than take. Propose solutions and brainstorm with them, listen intently when they are going through tough times, and celebrate with them when something successful happens! No matter what, support.

How To Show Appreciation Every Day

Of course for each couple, you may just not have time or the physical ability to see your partner everyday, but it is important to take time to show appreciation for them when you have the chance. It can only help strengthen and build your relationship, and that is the best part of being together.