Insider’s Guide: 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Article by Justine

We know shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming and stressful, and oftentimes you don’t know all the things you should take into consideration.  We checked in with our Sales Team to get their Insider’s opinion about some of the common mistakes people make when purchasing an engagement ring.

1. Going for Something Too 'Trendy' 

You are hopefully going to be wearing your engagement ring for a very long time so you want to still love the style in 10 or 20 years. Don't make the mistake of getting a style that looks dated quickly. You can always put your own spin on it by adding interesting bands.

triangle diamond engagement ring

2. Only Thinking About the Engagement Ring and Not the Band 

If you’re planning to wear a wedding band and want it to sit flush with your engagement ring, make sure there is a matching band or complimentary style that will achieve the look you want and will work with your lab-grown diamond center stone.  Usually, you can also get a discount if you purchase your engagement ring and wedding band together.

tiffany engagement ring

3. Not Fully Understanding What to Look For in a Diamond 

Always do your research and get advice on what you should be looking for in a diamond and don't just purchase something because it seems like a steal of a deal. If it seems too good to be true, then it normally is. Even with lab-grown diamonds, you can get differences in quality. Ask questions and compare diamonds to make sure you are getting the best quality center stone for the best price.

antique inspired engagement ring

4. Don't Guess the Ring Size 

If you are too far off then the entire ring will more often than not need to be remade. Try to do a little planning and get an idea of his/her ring size. You can order a free plastic ring sizer from us or print a paper version. If you’d like to keep the ring a surprise, we suggest taking one of his/her existing rings and tracing around the inside of the ring on a piece of paper. We can use this to determine the ring size. You can find more tips for getting a ring size here.  

diamond halo engagement ring

 5. Don't Settle 

If something you love is just a little more expensive, then invest in it. You are going to have to live with this engagement ring for a long time so make sure you love it! If you want to have a ring created for a larger center stone, but can’t afford that size diamond right now, consider getting a lab-grown gemstone or Diamond Hybrid® now and use our upgrade program to get the lab-grown diamond of your dreams in the future.

traditional diamond engagement ring