Introducing MiaDonna 5.0

Article by Anna-Mieke
Anna-Mieke Anderson

I’m so excited to announce that the new and totally revamped MiaDonna website is officially live. It's the 5th website we’ve designed since I started the business 12 years ago, and just like me, it keeps getting better with age. ;-)

Over the last few months I’ve been asked by family, friends and many wonderful customers, “Why on earth do you want to redesign your website? It’s already beautiful!” While I’m flattered to receive such compliments, it was no secret that our old website lacked essential functionality and was due for a visual overhaul.

MiaDonna Homepage


The Goals

Goal 1: Design a visual aesthetic that better highlighted and conveyed my story and mission.

As rebels of the jewelry industry, and more importantly as pioneers of the lab-grown diamond industry, I wanted to create a website aesthetic that would be a welcome departure from the “traditional” jewelry industry style - romance, fluff, etc. Instead, I wanted to create an edgy, information-driven aesthetic that would appeal to our socially conscious customer. We incorporated new imagery featuring our gorgeous model, Natalie Morris, and a soft color palette to bring a fresh and young feel to the site while maintaining the core black and white brand elements synonymous with the MiaDonna brand.

I was fortunate enough to visit Liberia, Africa last May to get a first-hand update on our farms, and at the same time filmed our new video featured on our homepage. We partnered with Pete Williams for this project, and he did a brilliant job. Please check out the video; it was a passion project for me and something I’m extremely proud to share.

MiaDonna - Let your love be part of the solution. from MiaDonna® on Vimeo.

Goal 2: Reinvent the shopping process, in particular, the product builder.

While our old website served its purpose, it lacked the level of functionality our customers have come to expect when shopping online for an engagement ring or diamond. We wanted to shine the light on our fabulous products and service, rather than just creating a “pretty website.”

We also wanted to give our customers more control and flexibility when it came time to build their ring or accessory. Now you can create jewelry by starting with a stone or style first. From here, you'll be guided through a customization process that will allow you to choose your preferred stone material, center and side stones (yes, you can now select your desired side stones), metal type, ring size, and even customize your item with personalized engraving (when available).

Goal 3: Provide a seamless navigation (and mobile) experience.

The updated site features a new navigation structure with a hidden menu drawer for both mobile and desktop versions. Yes, shopping on your phone will be much easier now! We’ve also improved the structure of our content, bringing our technology, services, and mission to the forefront. There’s a whole host of minor, but impactful changes, on the new website all designed to make your shopping experience at that much better.

MiaDonna Mobile


New Page and Feature Overview

  • Homepage - We’ve completely redesigned our homepage to highlight our amazing story and better introduce visitors to the MiaDonna brand. We highly recommend you watch our new brand video.
  • The Quick Guide - The new “quick guide’ has been designed to give users a brief overview of our man-made diamond and gemstone technology, setting styles, and other service options they will be presented with when shopping our site.
  • How We Give - this new page has been added to give visitors a look into why we do what we do. The heart and soul of MiaDonna is to give back, and this page explains exactly how we create change.
  • The Journal - a redesigned layout provides more focus on visuals and introduces social sharing capabilities.
  • Collection Pages - a revised advanced filtering system allows users to refine their search by a variety of stone and setting features. Plus, you can now directly shop products featured in collection page banners.
  • About Pages - we’re providing far more detail in our redesigned about pages.
  • Help & Guides - everything you need to know about lab-created diamonds, the Diamond Hybrid®, and lab-grown gemstones can be found here. This resource center is educational without being overwhelming.
  • Product Detail Pages - redesigned product pages highlight the product and present users with an intuitive and highly flexible product builder. Plus, we still have our online product review system, recommended products, and flexible financing rates through Affirm.
  • FAQ - redesigned and updated to make it easier to find answers to common questions.
  • Bride & Groom Guide - this new page gives grooms and brides the ultimate resource page. Everything from honeymoon destinations to planning the bridal shower is covered.
  • Responsive Design - browsing and shopping from your smartphone has never been easier.

    Thank You!

    I have to give a massive thank you shout-out to the entire MiaDonna team for bringing this website to life. It has been a grueling process, but I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved.

    I’d also like to thank YOU, The MiaDonna customer. It is because of your choice to purchase conflict-free from MiaDonna that allows us to create a greener diamond future for all.

    We hope you love the new website as much as we do. And of course, if you have any feedback - good or bad - please let us know.

    Happy shopping!