Reasons to choose a Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings

Article by Linley
Linley Shepard

While your engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment, it is in all reality a… ‘piece of jewelry’. A beautiful decorative adornment, worn on your left ring finger to let others know your heart already belongs to someone special. And since everyone’s style is different, there is no right or wrong engagement ring design – the design door is wide open to all styles, colors, shapes, etc. So….why stop with one?

man-made diamond engagement rings

If Victoria Beckham can have 13 engagement rings in her collection, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have more than one to mix it up on occasion. The more the ‘married-er’, right? …wink, wink!

We wanted to share why we think every woman (and man) should own more than one man-made diamond engagement ring…

Top 3 Reasons you should own multiple Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings

Reason #1: Personal Choice and Style

“You are going to have the same ring for many years however you will not have the same taste when you are 60 as you did when you were 30. Imagine if we still wore the same fashions as we did 20 years ago…Styles and trends change, most people will want to update their ring – the shape of stone, metal choice, style, ring size etc.” ~ Anna-Mieke, MiaDonna Founder and CEO

Anna-Mieke knows her trends and once upgraded herself to a man made diamond engagement ring after realizing her ring was most likely a conflict diamond. Anna-Mieke and I also agree that this trend fits with men’s wedding band styles too. Why shouldn’t he be able to put on a diamond band for special occasions, a textured band for nights out and a plain band when hitting the gym? Men LOVE style too!

Reason #2: Value and Affordability

Our engagement rings are set with superior man-made diamonds, all of which are type IIa diamond, which means they are harder and more pure than most earth mined diamonds. Furthermore, they cost up to 40% less.

And then there is the world famous Diamond Hybrid®, optically identical to earth-mined diamonds and only $358 per carat. With the affordability of man-made diamonds you can get that second engagement ring.....and even a three stone anniversary ring too.

Reason #3: Multiple Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings are Practical

Multiple rings for different occasions or activities just makes sense, because not every style of ring ‘works’ in all of life’s circumstances. Most ladies love those over the top halo style engagement rings featuring large center stones…you know you do! However, this type of engagement ring style does not work when you are doing most physical activities - think gym, gardening or even some jobs (like moms or nurses).

pYou would be surprised what we do with our hands, that we don’t even realize. For those who love the bling, but don’t want to cause accidental damage, we suggest a single diamond wedding band or layering multiple bands for that trendy stacked look. Honestly, it might be even more appropriate to have an understand ring for certain occasions or even for travel. Save your ‘big bling’ for those special occasions when you want people to double take.