MiaDonna Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

Article by Nicole

As a mission-driven B Corp, it’s very important to MiaDonna to be an earth-friendly, sustainable business every day. As like-minded individuals, we know being a good steward to the planet is important to you as well. As a society, we are seeing a shift where people are placing a high value on ethical, green products and practices, and we want to do what we can to help promote that lifestyle.

You know MiaDonna as an ethical and sustainable fine jewelry company who handcrafts each piece using lab-grown diamonds & gemstones, and 100% recycled metals, saving the earth from the toxic, damaging effects of mining. You also know we are a social enterprise that uses a portion of our profits to rebuild the lives and land damaged by the earth-mined diamond and gold industry. But you may not know there are several things we do behind the scenes that further illustrate our commitment to the Earth. We hope some of these ideas serve as inspiration to you.

1. Plant a Tree With Each Order

For each MiaDonna purchase, we plant a tree with One Tree Planted to offset the emissions associated with shipping. 

MiaDonna Plants Trees

2. Reusable Cloth Towels and Sponges

Instead of using paper towels in our store and office, we have reusable cloth towels and sponges. Made of flannel cotton, the cloths are extremely durable and absorbent and can be washed and reused. Visit Marley’s Monsters for more information. 

MiaDonna's reusable towels
3. Recycling of K Cups

Without a doubt express coffee makers, like the Keuring, make life easier but the waste caused by the K cups has become a major concern. Terra Cycle can recycle these and other hard to recycle items like snack pouches, razors, and make-up containers. While some items have a fee associated with recycling, they’ve partnered with some popular brands to also offer free recycling programs. 

MiaDonna recycles k cups
4. Eco-Friendly Jewelry Cleaner

The jewelry cleaner we use in the store and that is sent with every MiaDonna purchase is certified non-toxic and eco-friendly. We want to make surew we protect your jewelry, along with your home and family. Don’t worry if you run out, you can order more here.

MiaDonna Jewelry Cleaner
5. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in Refillable Containers

All of the soaps and cleaning products we use are natural and eco-friendly and are made without synthetic fragrances. Not only does this keep our employees safe, but you can also be assured that when shopping in our store, you’re in a safe, toxin-free environment. Visit The Grove for more information.

Natural Cleaners
6. Plant-Based Dishwasher Detergent Packs

Our dishwasher detergent packets are made from plants instead of traditional petroleum-based products. If all households used just one of these plant-based packs in place of a petroleum-based pack, we could save 9,700 barrels of oil. That’s enough to heat and cool 560 U.S. homes for a year.  You can find these dishwasher packs at  The Grove.

Plant based diswasher packet


7. Recyclable Packaging

The mailers we use for our Home Try-On Program and to ship products are all recyclable. Our gift bags, plastic inserts, and shipping boxes are made from recycled materials and are printed with sustainable inks. We only work with packing material suppliers who can provide us with energy usage numbers for their recycling process to be sure it meets our standards from beginning to end. 

MiaDonna Packaging


In addition to the above-mentioned practices, we also recycle batteries, utilize web-based document sharing programs to reduce the use of paper, recycle ink cartridges, have energy star certified appliances in our store and office, use real dishes and glasses instead of plastic, use LED lights in our photo studio, and have a living wall in our store.

We hope you found inspiration from our practices and have discovered ways you can make your household even more sustainable and eco-friendly.