Modified O’Hara Antique Engagement Ring

Article by Linley

Have you seen a ring design you really like, but knew deep down that if a few details were changed, your feelings would change from like to love? Every girl deserves to have the ring she has been dreaming of, slipped onto her finger during that moment when she says “YES!, right?!?

At MiaDonna® we want you to find the ring that you have always imagined the love of your life proposing to you with or the ring you have always imagined proposing to the love of your life with. Either way, we can absolutely help make your dream ring dreams come true. Each ring we create is handcrafted to your specifications, with the options you selected when building your ring. Beyond these choices MiaDonna® also has the artisan talent to modify or customize a design, should you want to make a few changes. You could add milgrain to the edge of the band or halo, swap out the accenting diamonds for gemstones, add a personalized engraved message to the inside of the band, or we can even increase or decrease the number of accenting diamonds on the shank.

A fantastic example of a design we modified for a customer is the O’Hara Antique Engagement Ring. This gorgeous engagement ring has a unique reverse split shank design and is accented with natural recycled diamonds on all three sides. The modifications made to the O’Hara were; mil-grain was added to the edges of the design to increase the antique feel, they minimized the amount of accenting diamonds, so they were only on the top of the band and extend half way down the shank and they switched up the center stone setting by having the master jeweler create it as a basket setting.

Here is our version of the O’Hara, shown here, crafted with a 2.0ct Round Brilliant MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®.

O'Hara Antique Engagement Ring

And here is the modified O'Hara Antique Engagement Ring with a 2.0ct Asscher Cut Diamond Hybrid®.

O'Hara Antique Engagement Ring Customized