On International Women's Day, We Salute You!

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MiaDonna started with a mother who's passion for changing the world and helping children led her to build the world's first socially responsible bridal jewelry line. Because of our roots, we at MiaDonna hold International Women's Day very near and dear to our hearts. International Women’s Day exists every year as a reminder that gender inequality on many levels, is still a reality for women around the world. Especially for women living in diamond mining communities where they lack access to basic education and healthcare, and in areas where cultural violence is something they have to face on a daily basis. 

Today, we choose to honor the courageous women who are beating the odds and pushing past the life of poverty and oppression they were born into. For some of these women, the difference between just surviving and truly thriving to create a beautiful livelihood for themselves and their families, is you and MiaDonna. By working together, we are closing the gap and providing many women with access to better careers, safety, and helping them find the confidence within themselves to succeed.

We appreciate your partnership and will continue uplifting these women through education, training and agricultural programs. We wanted to share a couple of projects we're currently working on with women in countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, and our hope is to make an even bigger impact and provide more opportunities for these women in the coming months.

1. Center for Women’s Empowerment

The Center offers girls and women age 13-30 basic education, alternative counseling, and vocational training. The program is specially tailored to flexibly allow women with busy schedules to learn new skills and feel empowered to change their circumstances. The program is comprised of class time, workshops, apprenticeships and mentoring sessions that aim to prepare each woman for a life of financial independence, self-confidence and business. Graduates receive are awarded a micro-loan and advisor to help them establish small businesses. Hundreds of woman have benefitted from the program and the Center maintains a 98% success rate for the resulting business ventures.

2. LitClub

Focused on Literacy and Empowerments, LitClub works with small groups of girls age 10-14. Mentorship is a main focus of the program and older LitClub members and LitClub graduates often take on leadership roles as junior mentors and reading role models.

3. The Greener Diamond Community Garden and Literacy Program

The five-acre community farm is attached to a community center in Gbarnage, Liberia. This project is based on the idea of paying-it-forward. We train and supply the necessary tools and seedlings to a select group of people (mostly women) at our community farm so they can go back and farm on their own land to support their family and local community. In return, these people will then train another 10 people in their local community, those 10 people will train another 10, and so on.

Thank you for being a #MiaDonnaHero and enabling us to change lives. As conscious consumers, you have empowered women and girls to thrive in a life outside of diamond mining and poverty. With great love, admiration and respect, we salute you – and wish every woman around the globe a special day!