Pop of Color – The Gemstone Engagement Ring Trend Continues

Article by Andrew
Andrew Puddifoot

The ‘pop of color’ trend continues as consumers waiver against tradition – turning away from the ‘norm’ of white diamonds in their jewelry, white walls in their homes and subdued colors in their wardrobes. Whether your personal taste leans towards traditional, vintage or modern there is no better way to make a style statement than with a POP of Blue, Pink, Red or Green.

It is exciting to see this bold color trend continue throughout the 2012-2013 engagement season, with a recent influx of requests for Engagement Rings with Ruby gemstones. MiaDonna’s Lab Created Ruby Gemstones are breathtaking – perfect in color and full of fire. Sometimes referred to as a Burmese Ruby or Pigeon’s Blood Ruby for their deep blood red color with just a hint of blue, these richly colored stones are the perfect symbol of love and can represent July birthdays, 40th anniversaries or the birth of a daughter.

Our Four Favorite Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings

Phoebe Engagement Ring

Phoebe Engagement Ring

Celestial Engagement Ring

Celestial Three Stone Engagement Ring with Ruby

Crescendo Engagement Ring

Crescendo Engagement Ring

Ella Antique Wedding Ring

Ella Antique Engagement Ring with Red Created Ruby

The Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness – maybe that is why the Sapphire is the most sought after gemstone for Engagement Rings or Wedding Ring Sets. The most popular color of Sapphire chosen for Wedding Rings is Blue, which makes perfect sense since it represents everything that is constant and dependable. MiaDonna® offers a wide range of Lab Created Blue Sapphire Gemstones in varying colors from the Ceylon Blue Sapphire to the beautiful Blue Kashmir Sapphire.

Empress Antique Engagement Ring

Empress Engagement Ring with a Blue Lab-Grown Sapphire

Coco Engagement Ring

Coco Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire Lab-Created Gemstone

Celestial Three Stone Engagement Ring

Celestial Three Stone Engagement Ring with a Blue Sapphire Lab Created Gemstone

For the Sapphire lover who desires a more feminine touch – the Pink Sapphire is the must have gem, representing passion, acceptance and love. MiaDonna’s Lab Created Pink Sapphire Gemstones make a vibrant statement with their deep pink color. However, if your idea of feminine isn’t defined by the color pink, the best Sapphire choice for you may be the orange-pink or pink-orange colored Padparadasha Sapphire – considered by jewelry industry experts to be the finest, rarest, most prized fancy gemstone ever created.

Happy Three Stone Engagement Ring

Happy Three Stone Engagement Ring with Lab-Created Pink Sapphire

Tory Solitaire Engagement Ring

Tory Solitaire Vintage Engagement Ring with Pink Lab-Created Sapphire Gemstone

Kenya Accented Engagement Ring

Kenya Accented Engagement Ring with Pink Lab-Created Sapphire

If you are looking to make your friends or family ‘green with envy’ then one of our deep green Lab Created Emerald Gemstones is the perfect choice for your Engagement or Wedding Ring – after all, some people believe that the Emerald gemstone can have a tranquilizing affect on the heart and mind, inspiring calm, clear assurance.

Candy Solitaire Engagement Ring

Candy Solitaire Engagement Ring

Selma Three Stone Engagement Ring

Selma Three Stone Engagement Ring


If you cannot decide which ‘pop of color’ represents you best, why not opt for the Alexandrite Gemstone. Representing love and luck, the Alexandrite Gemstone is considered by many to be the most expensive, rarest gemstone in the world. MiaDonna’s precision cut Lab Created Alexandrite Gemstones display a beautiful Purplish – Red when viewed indoors, changing to a shade of Bluish – Green as you bring it into the daylight.

At MiaDonna® each ring is hand-crafted to order, allowing you to customize your ring to match your individual preferences. Virtually every setting can come set with the Gemstone or Fancy Colored Diamond of your choosing. Our beautiful selection of Lab Created Gemstones are the most scientifically advanced, awe inspiring, precision cut, rarest colored lab created gemstones being offered to jewelery consumers. These gorgeous gems are identical in every way to their earth mined counterpart and are available in a full spectrum of colors and shapes – from the traditional Round and Square cut Sapphires to more unique options like a Marquise cut Alexandrite.