October Ring of the Month – The Orchid Engagement Ring

Article by Linley

The Orchid Engagement Set features an Emerald or Radiant Cut center stone set in a unique 6 prong basket head atop a smooth shank that tapers as it meets the natural recycled diamond triangle cut side stones. Add the diamond accented wedding band for a perfectly matched set!

Orchid Wedding Set

The Orchid Engagement Ring can be set with your choice of center stone material (we are loving the gemstones). It has two triangle cut natural recycled diamonds, for an approximate total carat weight of 0.32ct.

Orchid Engagement Ring

The Orchid Wedding Band is set with approximately 0.11ctw natural recycled diamonds, which start and stop where the stones on the engagement ring start and stop. The curved shape of the wedding band allows it to sit perfectly flush against the engagement ring.

Orchid Wedding Band