Stay Away From Cliché This Valentine's Day

Article by
Emily Lyons

To some, Valentine’s Day is a cliché filled with high expectations and re-gifted chocolates from the Holidays. For those of you who are vigorously nodding your head up and down in agreement, we’ve come up with a few easy ways to WOW your significant other this Valentine's Day.

Ethical Eco-Diamonds

There’s absolutely nothing predictable about us. Our eco-friendly, ethical, and conflict-free diamond options are made in a laboratory and are optically, chemically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds! In addition to these Lab-Created Diamonds, we also offer a more affordable diamond simulant, The Diamond Hybrid®.

Ethical Lab-Grown Diamonds

It’s Not All Roses...

Do you think roses are overrated? This year, try giving him or her some adorable succulents. These plants need very little care and attention and last forever, making them the perfect gift for someone who doesn't have the greenest of thumbs.
Pro Tip: personalize your gift by writing clever notes on easy-to-make plant labels!

MiaDonna's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Do-Good Delectables

Sometimes you need a little bit of cheese in your life and that’s exactly what One Hope Wine’s Gift Boxes are for! This is a gift that will stuff you full with wines, crackers, cheeses, meats and a whole-lotta-love. What’s even better is that this delicious do-good company partners with non-profits and raises money with each purchase made. Can’t go wrong here!

MiaDonnas Valentine'd Day Gift Ideas

Quirky Cards

Supplement your Valentine’s Day gift with an unconventional V-Day card. Grab a piece of paper and get creative or find one online. It doesn’t take long and it shows that you put in the effort- a win, win. Often times, the more “punny” it is, the better the reaction. Check out some of our DIY examples below.

MiaDonna's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Getting Out

Make it out of the house this year, but not just for your dinner reservations. Wander a neighboring town, get tickets to a comedy show, ice skate, attend a sporting event, skydive, take a cooking class, visit a museum, race go-karts, visit the place you met one another, take a brewery tour, do karaoke, garden… the list could go on and on! Find out what works for the two of you and make it a date.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas