The Dos and Don'ts the Week Before Your Wedding

Article by Adam

As time winds down, the days until you get married start to turn into single digit numbers. Don’t panic! Everything will surely come together. As you’re preparing the final to-do lists and confirming your appointments, keep in mind the following tips for dos and don'ts the week before your wedding.


Confirm plans with your vendors

Call each of your vendors the week before to make sure that all details are confirmed with them. Check that they are aware of the date, location and time. Finalize all payments with them so that you won’t need to bring your checkbook with you on the day of your wedding. Additionally, make sure to ask them if there is anything that they need in terms of set-up that you will need to contact the venue coordinator about.

Have your rings cleaned

It’s likely that you will have been so wrapped up in planning your wedding that you forgot about the beautiful ring on your finger that started it all. Do you know how to clean your diamond ring? Your wedding day is the day you’ll most want to ensure that it’s been properly cared for and cleaned so it can shine brightly. It’s recommended that for this occasion you have it professionally cleaned as to avoid any accidental damage.

Practice walking and dancing in your shoes

You’ve probably bought a pair of shiny new shoes for the big day, but have you broken them in? The best way to break them in is by walking around the house in them until they start to feel comfortable. If they are still stiff or feel as though they may give you a blister, add heel inserts into the back of them for added comfort. While you have them on, practice your first dance with your fiance.

wedding shoes

Pack an emergency bridal kit

Accidents happen all the time and your wedding day will be no exception to this. Should a minor incident occur, it’s best to be fully prepared for whatever might come your way. Pack an emergency survival kit that can be your go-to bag on the big day. A few suggested items are:

  • Garment tape, mini sewing kit and safety pins
  • Strong hairspray, clear nail polish, tweezers, and bobby pins
  • Concealer, lipstick and waterproof mascara
  • Extra undergarments, especially a reliable strapless bra
  • Tissues, medicine, snacks, water, and mints
  • Deodorant, tampons and baby wipes 

Ask others for help

There are most likely a few tasks still left to check off on your to-do list. It’s stressful to try to do this all yourself in a short time period. Ask for help! Split remaining tasks up between yourselves, bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents. They’ll be happy to help you get everything completed. The most important thing to remember is to organize and label everything. This way you can ensure decor and other items go exactly where there should go.


Change your hairstyle or color

Changing your hairstyle is always nerve-wracking. Even more so when it's the week before your wedding. That’s why you should avoid changing your haircut or color. Plan out new hairstyles three months ahead of time so that changes can be made if you are unhappy with the way it turns out. It’s best to stick to a basic trim if you do choose to make an appointment with the hairstyle the week before.


Try any new skin products

Avoid purchasing any new products for your skin whether that’s a face mask, a new lotion or a new face wash. Being that there are different ingredients in every different product and brand it’s important to stick to what your skin is used to. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin. You don’t want to wake up on the morning of your wedding with hives or a rash.

Start a new workout

If you’ve been working out a lot to get in shape for your wedding, that’s great! Keep doing what you’ve been doing, but it’s important not to change your routine too much. Increasing your weights or utilizing a new muscle could make you more sore than usual. This can sometimes take weeks to heal. It’s best to try to just take it easy the week before your wedding and relax, maybe even go get a massage so you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

Drink too much the night before

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a friend being hungover at their wedding because they had a little too much fun with their wedding party the night before. Well having a drink or two at your rehearsal dinner is more than fine, avoid bar hopping with the boys or popping open another bottle of champagne with the girls. You’ll be happier in the long run and there will be plenty of other days to celebrate. While it may seem easier for a bridal party that is from out of town, having a bachelorette or bachelor party the night before is not recommended.

wedding toast

Get a spray tan the day before

The best time to get a spray tan is at least three days before your wedding so that the color will have time to fade if necessary. You won’t want to have an orange hue to you and you’ll certainly want to avoid the color sticking to your white dress. Our best advice is to do a practice test a month or two before your wedding to make sure you have the correct shade you want when it's time for the actual wedding tan.