The Perfect Wedding Speech

Article by Andrew
Andrew Puddifoot

Let’s face it, we are all not public speakers, but as tradition goes you will need to put pen to paper, or mouth to words on your big day, so we are here to help you out, with our three favorite tips for writing your Wedding Toast.

Include humor!

Your speech will naturally be emotional, this is your wedding day after all, so be sure to lighten the mood with a humorous anecdote. Now listen closely, we are not giving you permission to tell a joke, rather inject a little humor into a story about how you met or how your loved one puts up with your Star Wars obsession, etc...just whatever you do - don’t embarrass her (or anyone else for that matter) or ‘until death do us part’ may come sooner than you think.

Be Thankful!

It is important that you thank the hosts - your parents, her parents, long distance relatives, etc. Showing gratitude to those who wrote checks to make your big day happen or spent their time and money to be part of your special day is very important. Honestly, even if you both paid for your wedding without any help from the ‘rents’, thanking them will score you some bonus points with the ‘in-laws’. However, don’t overdo it, thanking everyone (and anyone) will just lessen the true sentiments you had intended.


This might seem obvious, but with all the planning, events, etc. this can end up at the bottom of your list and while we shouldn’t have to say this...winging it is absolutely out of the question. According to the guys at ...practicing your speech is “the single most effective way to improve your performance. Keep practicing in the mirror until you can deliver it with confidence. Don’t just give this a few minutes.“