Tips for Taking the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie!

Article by Adam

Let’s face it, in today’s culture getting engaged comes along with the social pressure (and desire) to share a photo of your new engagement ring. However, before you share that first photo with everyone you know, we have a few tips to get it just right. 

I sat down with our in-house photographer and expert ‘selfie taker’, Emily, and asked her to share with us her 4 favorite tips for taking the perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

But First, Let’s Take an Engagement Ring Selfie! 

Tip #1: Photo Ready Nails

You probably didn’t get a chance to make your nails look photo-ready before he/she popped the big question, so now is your chance! Put on a fresh coat of polish to accessorize that gorgeous engagement ring of yours.

Tip #2: Clean your Bling!

This may be the first time you will be showing off your new ring, so let’s make sure it’s squeaky clean. Dirt, oil, lotions, etc. can cause the diamond to lose its luster. The cleaner the ring, the more sparkle it will have!

Tip #3: Lighting is Everything

Photography is ALL about lighting. Find a spot that is lightly shaded and out of direct sunlight so that you and your diamond doesn't look washed out.

Tip #4: Strike (the right) Pose

Your social media followers will go crazy over the sheer fact that you’re engaged! How do you get more likes? Delicately place your fingers close together in front of a beautiful background and you are guaranteed to be insta-famous for the day.

Follow these tips and we are confident that your first engagement ring photo will WOW everyone in your feed.

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