7 Tips for Planning An Affordable & Ethical Wedding

Article by MiaDonna

Wedding planning is normally quite stressful, but when you focus on the small details such as the ethics and sustainability behind your decor, flowers, and attire, it adds an entirely new set of research for you. You’re just in luck though, we pulled together some helpful tips for planning an affordable, ethical wedding that may make things easier than you think!


Shop for your wedding dress at a vintage store


By purchasing a vintage or antique dress from your local consignment store, you not only get a unique, well loved dress with a history, but you’re also recycling the gown and not having to purchase a brand new one. This will most likely be less expensive, too! Another option is looking into your favorite designers’ trunk shows where they feature older styles or collection of gowns for discounted prices. No custom, brand new dress, but something that doesn’t need to use any extra fabric to make.


Ethical Wedding at Outdoor Venue

Photography by Sierra Rose Photography

Don’t use paper invitations


Send your invites and save the dates electronically! Your guests will thank you, no paper invites to lose or throw away, and you can find lots of customizable templates and websites to make your invites just as pretty and unique as you. You can also add in email reminders, unique graphics, and link your invites to your wedding registry!


Give reusable wedding favors 


Pinterest has plenty of inspiration for DIY, reusable party favors, such as mason jar candles, mini plants or succulents for your guests to remember the wedding for years to come, or fair-trade coffee beans for a different kind of favor! Many of these can be made yourself, cutting down on costs and unnecessary waste, too.


Choose ethical wedding rings and bridal jewelry


MiaDonna has you covered on the jewelry and accessory front! Choosing lab grown diamond jewelry and conflict-free men’s and women’s wedding bands is a wonderful way to know that your love is part of the bigger picture, changing the diamond industry for the better and working to save and restore our planet.


Ethical Brinkley Wedding Ring Set with Engagement Ring and Diamond Accented Band

Do research on eco-friendly venues, and look to keep things local


Destination weddings and elopements come with not only higher costs, but lots of air or car travel and pollution. When you choose a local, eco-friendly venue, you’re putting your money towards your local community and more often than not, making the trek easier on your guests! Save on gas, air travel, and expensive venues and go for something closer to home.


Grow your own flowers for bouquets or source locally 


Help out a local florist or utilize your own blooming flowers in spring or summer for your wedding bouquets and arrangements. A beautiful, cost-effective way to DIY a gorgeous and important element of your special day!


Rent the tuxes instead of purchasing 


Cut down on costs and save room in your closets by purchasing tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen. Especially if your groom is the type of person who only wears tuxedos a few times a year, this is a great option for another area to save on!


Banner Image courtesy of Sierra Rose Photography