Top 5 Proposal Ideas This Holiday Season

Article by Andrew

You found the perfect lab-grown diamond ring but now what should you do? I don’t know how to break this to you guys, but the wedding planning belongs to your future Mrs. No matter how creative or artistic you are, she’s/he's been planning this day since she was tiny and walking around with a pillowcase on her head as a veil. She/he might ask your opinion on occasion, but really they already knows whatthey want to do. That’s why the proposal is all yours. You own it! This is your time to dazzle and shine and put together an amazing moment that your better half will love telling friends about over and over.

Don’t be scared. We’re here to help you plan a proposal she/he will never forget. Here are our picks for the Top 5 Proposal Ideas this Holiday Season.

1. Know Your Connections - This is a big moment and it calls for you to tap into every resource you have. Who can you ask for help with the proposal? Do you know someone with connections at a restaurant that you could rent out for the night? Do you have a friend who’s a cop who could close down a street for you or provide an exciting escort? How about a friend who has access to a rooftop deck with an amazing view of the city? Any contacts with the local sports team? How great would it be to propose on the court or field with tens of thousands of people looking on? It’s time to scroll through your contacts list and ask for some big favors.

Proposal Photos in Iceland

See the beautiful, and perfectly orchestrated proposal by our customers, Will & Nick.

    2. Surprise Photos - Remember how much fun you had as a kid piling into the photobooth with your friends so you could capture the moment. Imagine how surprised your fiance will be when you playfully suggest taking pictures in the photobooth and you capture her reaction when she sees her beautiful, new, eco-friendly engagement ring. Another fun photo idea requires the help of a friend. While you’re out, ask someone to take a photo of you two and arrange for a friend to hold up a sign behind her saying “Will You Marry Me?” When you show her how cute the photo is, drop to one knee and pull out the ring.

    Michael and Susie

    Read how Michael surprised Susie with her gorgeous MiaDonna ring.

    3. Create a Party Along the Way -The scavenger hunt isn’t a new idea but think about incorporating your family and friends. At each stop along the hunt have someone special to the two of you give her the next clue. Each special guest continues with him on the journey until he finally finds you on one knee. Make the final destination your engagement party since your family and friends will already be there and in the mood for celebrating.

    4. Putting the Pieces In Place - Many companies can create a custom jigsaw puzzle using your personal photos. Does your fiance have a favorite flower, candy or location? Stage a photo using one of those items and place the ring in the photo. Then suggest spending a cozy night in, enjoying a bottle of wine, and doing a puzzle. Drop to a knee as the final pieces are put into place and offer her the gorgeous ring in person.

    Nicole and Sean Proposal

    Feature couple, Sean and Nicole took to the wilderness to create their special moment.

    5. Deja Vu - When you think about your relationship is there a date that stands out as special or memorable? Recreate the date. It doesn’t have to be an epic date that you spent a fortune on. It can be as simple as the hole-in-the-wall dive bar you ducked into during a rainstorm where you first realized you were in love with this person. You can never go wrong making a proposal sentimental and emotional.

    Now that you have a gorgeous lab-created engagement ring (check out this blog post if you're still looking for the perfect lab-grown diamond engagement ring), it’s time to plan a special proposal that will complement the bling you procured. Take the time and put in the effort to make this moment one that you will both enjoy sharing over the years. Whether you choose sweet and sentimental, or grand and viral-worthy, making this first step in your wedding journey special will set the tone for the upcoming months of planning.