Top 5 Tips for Planning A Spring Wedding

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Spring is one of the best seasons to get married in. Flowers are blooming outside, the weather isn’t too hot or cold, and the days are getting longer. We’re a little bias; our lab-grown diamonds certainly sparkle brighter in the sunshine! Whether you’re looking to plan your wedding for early March or late May, our list of the top 5 tips for planning a spring wedding will come in handy!

1. Plan early and book early

If you have a specific venue or location in mind, you may want to book as far ahead of time as possible. The earlier you book once you know your wedding date, you’ll be able to have peace of mind for that element of your ceremony and be able to focus on all of the fun, smaller details that come next. This will set everything up and help all the minor details fall into place for your special day.

2. Prepare for worst case scenario and have a plan B

Weather can change in an instant. You better be ready in case it rains on your wedding day (cue the Alanis Morrisette!) and have a solid plan B. Whether that’s tents, canopies, or an additional venue, anything is better than no plan at all. If your ceremony will be inside, you may still want to keep an eye on the forecast for your wedding photos!

3. Pick your florals accordingly

There are so many beautiful flowers blooming in spring, how can you ever pick your favorites? Look at what time of year is the blooming season for different flower types, and go from there! Some have a small window and some you can get in any season, but either way, it’s good information to know when picking out flowers for your bouquet or arrangements.

4. Finance Tip: Do your taxes early!

Spring is tax season! You know what that means, hello tax refund! It can definitely help having a little extra money for last-minute items, your rehearsal dinner, or even to take on your honeymoon. There’s no sense in putting it off anyways and rushing to get everything submitted, so do them early and move onto your next task! Easy at that.

5. Pick out small gifts for your bridesmaids and maid of honor

It’s customary to give small gifts to your bridal party and MOH, nothing too flashy but a little present to celebrate your special day and being along your side through all the planning and festivities. Some of our favorite MiaDonna Stackable bands and accessories are the perfect match for this, and are luxury enough to be very meaningful and sentimental without breaking the bank on your (most likely) already expensive wedding. The Geometric “Y” Necklacethe Glow Stackable Band, and the Wavy Climber Earrings are our favorite picks for these sweet gifts!  

No matter when you plan your wedding or if it’s pouring down rain in a thunderstorm, if you have your loved ones there to support you and you’re marrying the love of your life, those are the most important elements. Have fun, enjoy the day, and soak it up! If you’re looking for some honeymoon inspiration, check out our guide to Honeymooning in Tuscany, Italy or London, UK!