Top 5 Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day can become a bit routine, and maybe even a bit dull, if you tend to stick to the same things over and over. There are so many exciting events and places to check out around the world and within your own city if you do some digging online or ask around. Going off the beaten path and getting out of your comfort zone can be a really beneficial thing to do for yourself, as well as for your relationship.

We came up with a list of 5 unique Valentine’s Day things to do with your partner that encourage you to explore the world around you a bit more, with your significant other in tow! Try new things, do something different, and mix it up this Valentine’s Day with some of these unique ideas.

1. Take a cooking class together

Interested in learning how to properly cook a new cuisine? Or maybe you’ve been dying to learn how to make French desserts like Crème brûlée? There is definitely a class for that! With a quick search online, you can find many websites and places to take a cooking class with any food you like. In the Portland area, we love checking out Hipcooks and their variety of different classes available (and they include a wine tasting with dinner!). This is a great way to work together, create a lovely meal and spend time just having fun and enjoying the process of cooking! Plus, how satisfying is it to indulge in a hand-cooked meal you made together.

2. Go on a ghost tour

You’d be surprised at how many cities and historical places are haunted… Haunted ghost tours and haunted bar crawls are a blast, and will definitely mix things up for you and your partner this year. Around the Portland area, we are lucky to have so many breweries, city tours, walking tours, and even some haunted bar crawls! BeerQuest PDX has a lot of public and private tours for you and your partner to look through and book. Be prepared for some spooks and booze!

3. Take a last-minute overnight trip

If you plan ahead of time to have at least a couple days off, this may be the most exciting idea on our list! Put some places you’d be interested in going to, drive or fly, into a hat, and draw one out and just head over there! This is a great option for road tripping, and really exciting for those who like to live spontaneously. We’re based in Portland, Oregon and there are so many cute, quaint beach towns to drive to within a few hours, or for a quick flight, Seattle, San Francisco or Boise. Check out the best options based on your location, but have fun with it! Explore the world with your S.O. and live wildly!

4. Volunteer together

Spending time volunteering is one of the best uses of time and resources that we can provide as humans. Providing more hands for short-term projects, helping out youth charities, or cleaning up the environment and replanting trees are some of the ideas you can look into when it comes to volunteering in your city. Do a quick search online and you’ll certainly find some options best suited for you and your partner. Many charities and nonprofit organizations welcome couples and are grateful to have the additional help!

5. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other

This one might take a little more time and effort, but it’s worth it! You can each plan a scavenger hunt, big or small, around your neighborhood or city. Create clues, leave small gifts or notes, and then be on your way! This thoughtful and interactive idea is sure to make your partner smile, and because scavenger hunts are truly so much fun no matter how you do them, you can get as creative as you like!

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is all about reaffirming your love for your partner and celebrating the relationship and closeness you’ve built together. No matter how you spend the holiday, relaxed at home with a bottle of wine or ready for an extravagant night on the town, it will be perfect. Enjoy each others’ presence and the time you have together, and celebrate the best way you find comfort in.