Top 6 Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Article by MiaDonna

We love all engagement ring styles, but antique style and vintage engagement rings hold a special place in our heart. They represent history, beauty, and timeless style through generations of change. What's even better is that you can still indulge in the classic style of vintage and antique while having lab grown diamonds as your center stone; you don't have to compromise anything! In times of change, and with ever changing fads and trends, these rings will last the test of time. In the words of Yves Saint Laurent, "fashions fade, style is eternal."To help you find your perfect match, here's a list of our top 6 antique style and vintage engagement rings.



The Amore, meaning "love" in Italian, is a beautiful and delicate Vintage Engagement Ring. This engagement ring is accented with channel bead set natural recycled diamonds in a delicate milgrain band. You can jazz up this ring by choosing a different color band, such as Rose Gold, or even a uniquely colored lab grown gemstone as the center stone! The options are endless, and you can really create this engagement ring however you like.



This beauty is encrusted in natural diamonds, making it truly pop on your hand. Simple and intricate, still with that traditionally antique feel to it. The Ella is a fabulously impressive Antique Wedding Ring made for a Round Cut center stone. Accented with hand carved filigree and 0.14 carats of recycled natural side diamonds, this ring embodies classic antique beauty.



For the floral lover, the Grace Vintage is one of the best choices! A little flashier than simple, modern rings, but a statement engagement ring for someone who wants to truly stand out and have something so different. If you are looking for a ring with clean lines and antique beauty, the Grace Vintage Engagement Ring is the perfect representation of this style. This ring showcases your choice of Round Cut center stone beautifully in a unique flower design which is accented with natural recycled diamonds.



The Aurora Vintage Three Stone Engagement Ring embodies antique design with its intricate engraved scrollwork and twisted shank. This ring is set with a 1.0ct center and 0.25ct each side stones and accented beautifully with natural recycled diamonds encircling each stone and going down the shank. This ring is made for a queen, and will definitely make you feel like one! With its stand out shape and multitude of stones, this will be the perfect addition to any (and all!) outfits.



Distinct and not overwhelming, the Victorian Engagement Ring is for the antique lover who still likes things on the simpler side. The Victorian Antique Engagement Ring is a beautifully detailed solitaire design. The center stone in this ring is highlighted by detailed engraving with millgrain and beading on the shank.



The Tory Solitaire Engagement Ring is a stunning Antique design. This engagement ring has delicate filigree details throughout the shank and is a beautiful presentation of the Cushion cut center stone. One of our best selling rings of 2018, this ring is a hit with those who truly love the meaning and beauty behind antique rings and the uniqueness of their build.



Still searching for styles? Check out our full list of Vintage and Antique Style Engagement Rings on our website! There's lots to choose from, take your pick!