Top Eco-Friendly Jewelry Finds Under $1,000

Article by Linley
Linley Shepard

With the holidays right around the corner, we've rounded up our Top Eco-Friendly Jewelry Finds Under $1000 - whether you are looking for a ring, wedding band, or accessory, there is something for everyone!

Willow Wedding band 

Willow Wedding Band - $590.00

This band is consistently one of our top sellers. Whether it is worn alone, as a set with the engagement ring, or even as a right-hand ring, people just can't get enough of it! We recommend purchasing in Yellow or Rose Gold for an added pop of color.


Bezel Pendant

Bezel Pendant with a 1.0ct Round Cut Diamond Hybrid® - $671.00

Bezel pendants are the perfect accessory for someone wanting something more modern and secure to showcase a center stone. This pendant comes set on a 16-inch cable chain and can be customized in 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold.


 Rose Gold Basket Earrings

Rose Gold Basket Earrings set with 0.60ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds - $844.00

Rose Gold is super trendy this holiday season and can be a fun alternative to the popular White Gold used in most pairs of Lab-Grown Diamond earrings. Whether you are going out for a fancy dinner, or casually shopping in the mall, these basket earrings can easily become your new favorite versatile accessory.


Diamond Hybrid Wedding Band 

Diamond Hybrid® Eternity Wedding Band - $986.00

Diamond eternity wedding bands are incredibly popular, but they are also incredibly expensive when purchased with earth mined diamonds. For a significant saving, we recommend going with our Diamond Hybrid® Eternity band in 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold!


 Basket Drop Earrings

Basket Drop Earrings set with 0.75ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds - $967.00

These petite style drop earrings are a must-have for every woman's jewelry collection. The lightweight basket settings don't pull on the ear and are comfortable enough for daily wear.


Diamonds for Days Necklace 

Diamonds for Days Necklace - $500.00

Our Diamonds for Days Necklace is very similar to the "Diamonds by the Yard" necklaces offered at other jewelry stores for a much higher price tag. You can purchase this necklace with 7, 9, or 11 total stones on an 18 inch chain, all for under $1000!


Priscilla Wedding Band 

Priscilla Wedding Band - $937.00

The Priscilla Wedding Band is a perfect match for the Priscilla Engagement Ring. It has a unique trellis setting style that beautifully displays the natural recycled diamond stones. Whether worn alone or with the engagement ring, this band is a beautiful (and wallet friendly) option.


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