What Does a 1.0 Carat Engagement Ring Look Like?

Article by Adam

Dreaming of the day you’ll give or receive an engagement ring can inspire many visions, from the magical moment to the words you will say, however, the most obvious foresight is THE RING. What will it look like and, more importantly to some, what size will the center stone be?

While center stone size is a personal preference, ranging from how it looks or how active the wearer is, to purely being a status symbol (e.g. celebrity engagement rings), we are seeing an average of just over 1.0 carat (ct) as the current trend. However, depending on where you live, the average engagement ring size will vary. For example, in New York, the average engagement ring size is approx. 1.75ct whereas in the Midwest the average center stone size is closer to 0.75ct.

Despite what ‘trends’ tell us, we are most often asked about 1.0ct diamonds and wanted to show you what a 1.0ct diamond looks like when set in an engagement ring.

 1.0ct Engagement Rings by MiaDonna

The best part about engagement ring design is that each ring will change the way the diamond looks, which adds character to something as classic as a 1.0ct diamond. Some engagement rings will even give the perception of a larger stone - and - who wouldn’t love that!

Everyone is unique, which includes our ring size and the shape of our fingers - long/short, chubby/thin - which means the size of the diamond or even the shape will look different depending on the hand it is worn on. A round brilliant is classic and looks great on all hand shapes, but someone who is looking to elongate their fingers may prefer and oval or elongated cushion to emphasize this feature.

Most importantly, just remember that there are no rules when it comes to engagement rings. No matter what anyone tells you the size of the diamond or the price you pay has no correlation with the value of your love. Purchase a diamond that suits your partner's lifestyle and your budget, and we guarantee you'll be happy.

*The banner image shows round cut 1.0ct lab-created diamonds - modeled on a ring size 5.5